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Hidden Benefits of Snuff

It is relatively easy to come up with valid reasons to endorse a particular behavior. Let us say that snuff taking permits one to exercise a pleasurable habitude that excites the endorphins and minimizes stress. Without over glamorizing the ritual, I dare say that snuff has offered an added delight to my life. The joy of the first bump of the day, the after-dinner snoot, I could go on but will not. This is not about the obvious benefits of snuff but rather the unnoticed perks we take for granted.

Caught in a trap!

The era in which we live has, justifiably, rendered the cigarette, cigarillo, cigar or pipe relegated to dedicated shops or restricted to out of the way areas. Snuff however has escaped restrictions. The ease with which one can attend a function, movie, play or restaurant without having to leave the premises for a 'smoke break'. The time saved in accomplishing tasks without having to interrupt one's concentration for a 'pop-out for a smoke'. The fidgety feeling of anticipation experienced with prolonged travel is eliminated. Car, public transport and air travel all fall into the realm of ordinary travel without the Damocles threat of withdrawal.

All net advantages that go without saying when your favorite tobacco is nasal snuff. The ease with which this imperceptible vice is dissimulated almost to invisibility, when in a crowd, is a powerful secret weapon. Lastly, I have saved the best for last. You are no longer harming yourself while partaking in the joys of tobacco. In my mind, nasal snuff is a prophylactic to lung disorders. The ingestion of nicotine through the nose is saving my lungs and many other organs that could have been assaulted by tobacco smoke. If you do take your nicotine via the inhalation of burning leaves, I suggest at least a trial test. There is still a way to keep the pleasure and stop the smoke.

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