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How To Take Snuff

If you've decided to take the leap and try the pleasures of nasal snuff then let's go over a few issues you may want to consider. Firstly, be sure you have chosen the correct stumpf tabak. I have some suggestions you may want to consider on my page here. Let's say you pick a nice mild and fruity snuff. Try and get a relatively moist tobacco with a medium grind.

If this is your very first time beware you are in for a mild shock. It's not a punch in the nose but rather a tweak in the nostril followed with a slight burn. That in mind, open the tin and take a whiff. Keep the nose a few inches from the tin when inhaling the tasty mixture as a fat sneeze may ensue. At this stage you will be able to discern the balance of sweet and spicy. This should add to the experience and it will be the beginning of your snuff memory that will help you arrive at your perfect pinch.

Now the pinch. Grasp a small amount of snuff between your thumb and index fingers. Digits pointing upward should hold a tiny mound of powdered tobacco. Place them directly under your preferred nostril and sloooowly inhale. What you are trying to do is deposit the grind on the walls of your nose and lower sinus. Think more along the lines of smelling a flower rather than clearing your nasal passages with a leaf blower. 

Expect a slight tickle, maybe a sneeze or even a tear. If you feel anything in your throat, you sniffed to hard. Almost instantly you will feel a rush. That's the 'chiral alkaloid' doing it's work, nicotine I mean. The intensity varies depending on tobacco terroir, moisture, blend and grind. We'll get into that in future posts. Happy snuffing and enjoy.

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