International Men's Grooming Day

International Men's Grooming Day

Grooming is all about personal pride. It is not an obsession about hair style and fashion but rather being conscious about one’s appearance and the importance of first impressions. We humans have a natural tendency, albeit unconscious, to evaluate others. This is not generally a bad thing, as being aware of others helps to identify our place in society. Grooming says a lot about who you are as a person.

 Men's International Grooming Day

There is value in projecting a positive image of oneself. To present as an individual who takes pride in their image, reveals quite a bit about your character. The unspoken cues that indicate the type of person that takes the time to care for oneself may be inclined to care for others. Being careful of your look suggests a positive demeanor and is a stamp of sociability. Being conscious of your appearance speaks volumes about your nature.

 Beau Brummel: 18th century grooming

Primping and preening can be seen as a badge for respect, social grace, good manners and awareness of others. Developing good habits that engender the rudiments of sociability and demonstrate the importance of self-awareness and the degree of empathy we have for others is something that is underestimated in our modern world. The fact that personal grooming is having a comeback is a testament to the recognition of public behavior that has made our civilization great. Do not forget that nasal snuff is part of the original era of 18th century dandyism as portrayed by the likes of Beau Brummel. So do not forget to take a pinch when next visiting a barber or stylist. Good grooming and happy snuffing. 

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