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To All Aussie Dads

Hey dad, once again I've chiseled out a few hours to show appreciation for all you've done. I remember, because that's what this special day is all about. I recall the great moments we shared that helped direct me, without too much ado, on a righteous path of life. There were strict rules but fair ones. I choose to relive some key moments of my childhood that I hold close to my heart.

Things that I did with my dad.

I can evoke privileged moments where you passed along wisdom I can only appreciate today. I fondly conjure up when you purchased my first red CCM bicycle from McNeece's Sports. Your Shick double edged razor, bristle brushed and soap cup are etched in my mind because of that Sunday morning first shave. My very first cup of java was shared with my paternal and I shall never forget my brazen 'black no sugar' request at our local diner. Spending several Saturday afternoons learning the finery of men's apparel while choosing my new school wardrobe. There are so many events that come forward upon reflection and the best are the life lessons.

Truths my father told me.

Dear dad, you taught me the meaning of many important words. You thoughtfully expressed to me, in ways I could understand, concepts such as responsibility, fairness, equality, valor, loyalty and trustworthiness. In my life, these I have attempted to live up to. I was fortunate enough to have a caring father to steer me in the right direction and, when needed, was there to nudge me along my journey. There is no way for me to show all my gratitude, the day is not long enough. Instead I have attempted to express my appreciation for the rich variety of recollections you have given me. Thanks dad.

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