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Top Bestsellers of the Month

There is no secret to what being a bestseller means. To state the obvious, I will say that being number one is not easy. The Top Ten Club has limited access, only the best may enter. These special mentions are sometimes hard-fought other times simply socially constructed. What makes cherry more popular than peach or sweet prevail over strong? There are way too many variables to predict. That is why to keep a steady hand on the pulse of the snuff world we bother to commemorate monthly winners of the most popular. Almost like a pageant where performance is queen, we parade the most consumed snuffs from some selected weeks.

The winner is...

There are indicators that help one to decide what to include in the next order. Bestsellers is the barometer that help us determine trend, popularity, availability, freshness which are all gauges of a quality snuff. If you haven't tried one of the picks of the month, you may be incited to do so, if only to see where your tastes are situated in the snuff tobacco 'pop-o-sphere'. These monthly favorites also reveal a little about consumption itself. Summer snuffs are quite different than winter ones. Price can also influence best-seller status, a sale that encourages a purchase also becomes part of the monthly zeitgeist. Six of one and half a dozen of another.

The Roller Derby All-Stars

In conclusion, I believe that bestselling snuffs are probably a good tell of what to add to your cart. Quantity does suggest quality when dealing with snuffs but keep in mind that we are generalizing. Your palette is not the average palette. Your preferences are deeply ingrained and help confirm your choices but keep an open mind to what mass approval provide. I say, if you have space in your basket, try a bestseller you have not yet tried and happy snuffing.

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