World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

There has been a part of my life that has been missing for almost two years now. There isn't much that can be done for the state of the world besides trying to cope with the parts that aren't there. Substitutes to the rescue. There is much to be said about coping with adversity. If I can no longer have a pint with friends, a zoom call where everyone brings a new cépage for comments and reviews their selection. Can't enjoy your favorite restaurant, then cook something special for your family and friends. A membership to Spotify can assuage the need to attend your favorite concert venue and perhaps an exercise regime might replace your softball league. We are creatures that can adapt to almost anything.

 International Tourism Day

One of the pleasures I particularly enjoy is travel. I research, plan, schedule and dream of where I might end up on my next vacation. This perennial enjoyment has been restricted as of late and the solution to replace my joy of travel is a tour of my snuff selection. I know it may sound silly, but I can relive and reinvent a world of excursion by exploiting my snuff collection. I can revisit the high street in London with a few sniffs of Fribourgh and Treyer or a fine English pub with a toot of McChrystal's or Wilsons. It is easier for me to recall the pleasures of southern France with a taste of Six Photo Riviera or a quick revisit of the Old South with a pinch of Top's Dry Scotch.

Touring your snuff collection 

Where the voyage becomes more interesting is when I can let my imagination go free and with brands that take me where I have never been before. Taking the time to create a notion of what could be and visualize what I anticipate what could be. Let us take a voyage to the Taj Mahal, Delhi or a beach near Goa with the assortment of Indian snuffs that are available from Dholakia, Janta or Six Photo. How about a reverie about the Black Forest or the beer festivals of Germany with one of the many Bernard, Poschl or Rosinski snuffs?


Needless to say, that in times where life has some unexpected trials and tribulations, there are ways of coping. I suggest that a toast to travel and tourism with a perusal of your snuff collection. A substitute granted but a very pleasurable one. Happy snuffing. 

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