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Bernard Weisn Snuff 10g

Bernard Weisn Snuff 10g

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Bernard Weisn Snuff is a traditional blend that is synonymous with the Oktoberfest in Munich every year. Popularized at this international festival, this snuff has gained enormous popularity for its traditional German tobacco flavor laced with heaping helpings of menthol. This is a dark brown, slightly moist and finely ground formulation that renders a substantial nicotine hit with little to no aggravation to the sinuses. The taste of a springtime Bavarian meadow with the spicy tingle of menthol. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Matthew Francis
Exceptional German Snuff

Wiesn Snuff was the first Bernard product that I tried and remains a firm favorite. Out of the tin, the snuff appears ruddy brown with what appears to be a medium-coarse grind. It is described as being finely ground, but it looks far chunkier and coarser to me. A good deal of clumping is present, indicating medium moisture or better. Once it hits the front of the nose, the snuff sticks very well and delivers a balanced burst of menthol followed by a gorgeous mixture of rich tobacco aromas. Think a combination of earth, grass, wood, leather, biscuit, baked bread, toffee, brown sugar, and molasses paired with fruity impressions of raisin, prune, date, baked apple, and fig. Spice notes are present as well. I get a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, clove, anise, and nutmeg. There are also herbal/floral components, maybe something like a combination of subtle horehound, hyssop, and angelica aromas. The effect of this snuff is like inhaling the scents of a Bavarian meadow on a cool, foggy morning while taking some absolutely fantastic tobacco. Step outside on a cool, rainy day to get the full effect. Very complex but also very inviting, this snuff packs a punch that is more than capable of sneaking up on the unsuspecting. It's far too easy to do all day or take too much of in one go, but I love it. Very highly recommended.

Meadow Snuff

When Kronprinz Ludwig von Wittelsbach married Prinzessin Therese von Saxe-Hildburghausen in München (Munich) on October 12th, 1810, the peasants were permitted to party in the meadows outside the city gates, in celebration of the nuptials. The event was such a success that it was repeated annually until it became the world’s largest Völksfest (fair), know internationally as Oktoberfest; but locally called Wiesn (meadow), for the pasture where the event is traditionally held. Starting mid-September, Oktoberfest lasts a fortnight and ends on the first Sunday in October. Bernard’s “Wiesn” is the Schnupftabak (snuff) specifically concocted for the festivities and is generally sold-out during this period. Cabbage red, this snuff is both finely ground and sticky. It is not a Schmalzler, however, as there is no paraffin in the blend. While it sports a hearty dose of nicotine, it really has no burn to speak of and is easily accessible to the newly initiated. Slightly minty, its dominant flavour is that of smoke, from the Latakia tobacco found in the mixture. Frankly, it tastes like Speck (bacon) and marries itself perfectly with traditional Bavarian fare such as: Würste (sausages), Leberkäse (meatloaf), Schweinshaxe (pork shank), Knödl (dumplings) or Kraut (cabbage). Bernard’s “Wiesn” is always wonderful when drinking Bier, either Helles (lager) or Weisse (wheat). Whether you have the opportunity to attend Oktoberfest in Munich or just like hanging-out at you local Biergarten, “Wiesn” will give you the bump you need to steady your step and carry you through the merriment.

Timothy Kubik
Lata Mint

By far my fave. The combination of mint and latakia is a win for me!

Arlene Andrews
Bernard Wies n Snuff 10g

Highly recommend for allergies. Very refreshing.I also fond it helps me get rid of a headache.