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Paddy's Page

Welcome to Newbies: The Place for New Snuffers

Hello fellow snuffers

Right off the bat, let me say that the following text is addressed to folks who are already familiar with the pleasures of tobacco. I do not wish to incite anyone to do something they do not wish to do. If tobacco talk offends you, please leave this page.

Let me introduce myself. I am a relatively new snuffer but what I lack in experience I more than make up for in enthusiasm. Snuffing has added pure pleasure to my life. The adventure in tasting a new snuff and enjoying that nicotine rush is pure unparalleled joy.

What I would like to do is share some of this joie-de-vivre with all my fellow snuffers. In order to do this I will offer up a few of my choice snuff picks and maybe a snuff recipe or two. You can read about some of the history of snuff in my blog, if you like.

If you are new to snuff or are thinking about trying it, please let me share some advise. First of all don't be afraid of a little burn( burn: the sensation in the nose) when first trying snuff. You will initially feel a little prickling sensation, you may even shed a tear but it's nothing compared to the buzz. It hits your brain like gangbusters within a few seconds. After a while you look forward to that sensation.

Next is the eternal question of how often do I snuff? Well that's up to you. Your body has a nicotine level that it's comfortable with and you'll reach for the snuffbox when you feel like it! It's not a mystery it's just a better and safer way to enjoy nicotine.

Snuff is also a bit of a collection thing. I have on my desk in front of me a nice little array of cans. Some indispensable Dholakia Ganga (don't use this as your first snuffing experience. It's quite dry and has a considerable burn), McChrystal's S'Nuff, some lovely Wilsons Apricot (a medium snuff and quite moist. Be sure to eventually try some) and some Pöschl Cherry that is a perfect mix of fruit and menthol and is a perfect beginner's snuff. I keep my reserves at home and never stray without a can or bullet. Bullet? What, you say? You gonna shoot something? No, no, no. It's just another way of taking snuff. A little mechanism that you load with snuff hold up to your nose and sniff. It's actually pretty efficient, like in a car when you're driving.

I love to snuff while enjoying a brew, the best way to accompany one vice is with another. Those golden suds (sorry mates I'm partial to lager) just taste better with a snout full of snuff. It can be great fun to mix and match beer and snuff. For example, if you have a sweet beer you may want to try a bitter or pungent snuff and to a bitter brew you may use a very floral or fruity snuff. You can try and match the flavor of hops with McChrystal's Hopfen Schnupf. It's really a personal preference and now I'll share a few of mine.

What I don't understand is why isn't it more popular nowadays? But I meander, that's a whole other topic.

Some Personal Favs

These are a few of my favorites. Get this straight, I'm not preaching for or against anyone. These are my personal favorites. I would urge you to gimme some feedback at this address.

  1. All time favorite Fribourg & Treyer's High Dry Toast
  2. Second place Gawith Apricot Original
  3. Runner up Dholakia Ganga
  4. Honorable mention Fubar Grunt

If I was a beginner this is what I would recommend

  1. Any flavor of Poschl
  2. Any flavor of McChrystal's
  3. Dholakia Swiss Chocolate
  4. Dholakia Coffee Cream

Some Recipes

Now let me invite you into my Snuff Kitchen and share a few recipes.

Mild and Mellow

Blend about 50/50 some Ozona Orange and McChrystal's Mild Lemon. It's a fresh pick me up.

Crash and Burn

Blend about 50/50 some Wilsons Tom Buck and Dholakia's Ganga. The result is mega hit with full flavor.

Night Out

Mix about 50/50 Rockit! Naked with some Tiger Guarana. It gets you where you're going to!