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Taxi Red Extra Strong 15g

Taxi Red Extra Strong 15g

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Taxi Red is a robust South African snuff that has a reputation for its strength. This well fermented blend of local virginia and rustica cultivars compromise the backbone of this powerhouse. The tobacco, when freshly tinned, gives off a very pungent aroma due to residual ammonia from fermentation, it is suggested to let the contents "air out" by leaving the cover off and letting the spirits evaporate. The stink, being a sign of freshness, may be the price to pay to enjoy this wild African tiger but does abate after a few hours. The initial flavor is of pure tobacco that is imparted by its terroir and reveals a singular flavor.

Unlike his brother blue, this blend of shredded leaves has been fermented with special attention to tabacum rustica for its potent nicotine benefits. Due to the coarseness of the grind, it is easy to take with little to no irritation. The color is dark, almost black and is very moist which delivers an extreme rush of pleasure that outperforms his brother blue. and cousin green, and delivers a memorable wallop of nicotine as well as flavor in every pinch. Be warned fellow snuffers, this one is real.

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Customer Reviews

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Taxi red snuff

Here in south africa under ground miners use taxi red as a dip one cap of brandy in it let it dry and put inside bottom lip good buzz

Not enough

Need bulk I mean 250g bags of this it's so nice. Five massive stars

I hate loving this snuff

Front drip, back drip and if I had a nose ring side drip but I can't stop using this stuff. I hate to love this snuff it smells barnyardy the grind is so coarse it falls out of your nose and the nicotine level is so high that leaves you buzzing for hours but as a former chainsmoker it hits the proverbial N spot like a champ. It may not be an all day snuff for some but for people like me it's the only thing that works well. I wish it came in bulk one pound sacks.

Mpho Ngubeni

The best thank you

Taxi Red Extra Strong 25g: A Rustic Delight

Opening the tin of Taxi Red transports you straight to the heart of South Africa. The bold punch of ammonia signifies its fresh fermentation. But beyond that, awaits a rich, pure tobacco aroma, hinting at earthy days on a farm and a trace of unexpected spearmint. The blend's dark, coarse texture promises a nicotine rush that rivals several cigarettes at once. For true tobacco aficionados, Taxi Red isn't just a recommendation, it's essential. Dive in and feel the powerful embrace of this African gem!