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Dholakia Sandalwood 10g

Dholakia Sandalwood 10g

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Dholakia Sandalwood is flavored with pure organic sandalwood essential oil. Sandalwood oil has long been used as a therapeutic especially comforting in times of insecurity, and listlessness. It stills the soul and promotes perseverance.

Wonderful subtle aroma that just stays and stays in the nose for ages. When it finally starts to subside the subtler fragrances of sun-cured, tobacco leaves reminiscent of the finest hand-rolled Cuban cigars; a smell sadly absent from most American's repertoire of smell memory. You will discern the classic sweet, peaty earthiness of the snuff. Truly a premium blend.

Available in a variety of convenient hermetically sealed containers.

Customer Reviews

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This snuff was not for me. I did not enjoy the scent very musky in a weird way. My opinion yours my be different.

Indian Feet

This is definitely not what comes to mind when I think of sandalwood. Has a kind of a rotten smell to it, which I guess is supposed to be the sandalwood, but not as clean as it should be. The "sweet earthiness" manifests itself more like the underside of feet, and there certainly aren't any cigar notes. Dark, slightly moist snuff, holds together a little bit. Much much smaller plastic tin than you would expect. I guess if you're into either of the fetishes in the title this is for you, but otherwise I'd look elsewhere.

Dholakia Sandalwood

This is an absolute divine snuff. Sandalwood itself is a wonderful aroma and has many health benefits, including calm and helping with anxiety.

This being blended with pure organic sandalwood is a big plus and makes it feel like a real premium blend. Will be ordering a lot more of these.