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FUBAR Boss 30g

FUBAR Boss 30g

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FUBAR Boss is a savory mixture of Indian spices that compliment wonderful bright leaf tobaccos. The aromas are typically sub-continental; the cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and clove blend into sweeter ingredients like menthol and mint. The whole is much better than any of its parts, making a complex and flavorful snuff with a more than negligible but gradual nicotine hit. This is definitely a winner.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Alfredo Baquerizo
A green dragon clone

This snuff is identical than the 6 photo green dragon but a little more complex, like a green dragon with steroids. A very good one Indian snuff.

clinton knight
Um it's green

Yes my friendly snuffers it is actually green. But don't let the color throw you off. Tin note is menthol and who know what kind of spices. I have read it has Cardamom, coriander, and some others but what ever they are the are mixed perfectly. This is the most exotic of sniffs I have tried and am happy I took the chance. Got a little experimental and mixed it with Willie Pete, bout 2 to 1. Didn't change the smell or taste but boy did it kick up the nicotine level. I really like this and am going to venture out to other Indian made snuff with alot more optimism than before.

Brian Lenfant
Fubar Boss Trade

I have 30g of Fubar Boss that I don’t like at all. I willing to trade someone for something that is mentholated/medicated and can be smaller like even a mini tin from McChrystal’s.

FUBAR is Army Green!!

Spices that I can’t figure out…………. Then the menthol! It takes a minute to get the menthol at all!! VERY GOOD!! Very fine grind and very dry!!! And now for something totally different!!! Not like anything else I have, but I’m enjoying it!!!!

Subramani Lakshmanan
Fubar boss is begum green

Fubar boss is begum green or the new green dragon from six photo. Good one.