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McChrystal's Jip! 200g

McChrystal's Jip! 200g

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McChrystal's Jip! is a flagship snuff whose namesake was given to President Lincoln's faithful companion. This little dog had the run of the White House during that memorable presidency and was said to have helped assuage the president's many burdens. This snuff has some of the same virtues. A pleasure that is available anywhere at any time with a nice pleasant nudge of endorphins to help through the day. The medicated nature of this blend is a blast of cool spices. The initial menthol subsides to camphor or eucalyptus and finally ends up on top of a lovely tobacco taste. The feel in the nose is quite refreshing with a medium moist texture and a medium grind. Well worth the try as a contender for the medicated slot in your rotation. Enjoy a pinch.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Small: 4.4 g.
Tub: 200 g.

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Excellent snuff. Very fluffy, easy to take but with a menthol/eucalyptus punch. Has some sweetness to it. Definitely in my top 5 menthols. Wish they had an in-between size instead of the tiny tin and giant tub.

Peppermint/Camphor Is Too Sneezy - I Might be Allergic - Significant Burn Minutes Later

I have Redbull, Stormbreaker, Hedges L260, and McChrystal's Original and Genuine. I very much enjoy menthols and can handle the eucalyptus in the Redbull. I think there is a very minor difference in terminology but striking contrast between the cooling of eucalyptus & menthol and the burning of peppermint / camphor. I had to do more research and found a google search describing my experience.

"Camphor is a waxy solid substance having a strong aroma while menthol is an organic compound having the ability to chemically trigger the cold-sensitive receptors in the skin. The key difference between camphor and menthol is that camphor provides a warm sensation, whereas menthol provides a cooling sensation" -- The camphor burn is a mix hot and cold sensations.

I think JIP is the 'strongest' of all 4 listed, because of the camphor/peppermint burn, I'd say nicotine is on the medium side, but the burn just makes me sneeze and is very limiting in taking more than a pinch. Grind is good, moisture is good. For some it's a good decongestant, and for others like myself - I'm most likely mildly allergic to the camphor / peppermint. These things happen, it shouldn't knock you from trying it and learning what you like.

Joseph Benzaquen

Espectacular descongestiona la nariz hasta la peor gripe muy rico Simón tenía razon

robert bryan
Try this one.

I always take a menthol with me each day. This one is often in my pocket. I plan on getting a huge tin of this next time its in stock..

Greg Betzen
Very nice

I heard great things about this snuff so I thought I’d try it for my first snuff.

Was not dissapointed