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Fribourg and Treyer Princes - MrSnuff

Fribourg & Treyer Princes 5g Tap-Tin

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Fribourgh & Treyer Princes is a seemingly less refined offering with no obvious perfume but rather a more marsh-like scent that is reminiscent of a hay fields after the rain. The sensation in the nose is without any unpleasantness. The rustic nature of this snuff reveals a rich dark color, sticky moist and chunky texture that offer the most extraordinary rush of nicotine than one would expect from a much dryer powder. Another tome to add to your English snuff library. Enjoy a pinch today.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Musk, Earth, and Graphite

The first sensation to hit you when opening a tin of Princes is that of dark, earthy moisture. Some reviewers have characterized this snuff as floral, but I find its primary properties to animal and mineral rather than vegetable. The animal component is a strong yet pleasant musky odour, like the kind used in making fine perfumes. The mineral component is graphite, almost akin to pencil shavings. Strong yet not overpowering and with a moderate hit of nicotine, Princes is a snuff that's easy to take but perhaps best enjoyed in moderate doses.

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Eric Perlinger
To Cut a Cad

In A Movable Feast, Ford Maddox Ford tells Ernest Hemingway that: “A gentleman will always cut a cad.” According to the makers of Fribourg &Treyer, the recipe for Princes dates all the way back to the Regency period. A likely concoction for Prinny himself, it is bracing like a slap across the face by a pair of bespoke gloves. Black like a used espresso puck, this high moisture snuff leaves the throat clear of any unpleasant residue and has no burn or fever to speak of. Its uniquely clean flavouring is a blend of cat urine and civet that is refreshingly pleasant. Martial, the high nicotine content drills your senses to full attention like a Regimental Sergeant Major.

My Bedtime Snuff

Mr Souter's review was dead on. I have a pinch to add. Princes took a bit of getting used to. It is stronger and less obviously scented than my other snuffs.
On the first few tastes I did not like it, but persisted based on Fribourg's reputation.
I am glad I did. There seems to be a bit of citrus in it but its primary taste is of a fine pipe tobacco.
If one were used to drinking aperitifs and cordials and was presented with a fine, old single malt scotch the scotch would take some getting used to. Princes reminds me of such a scotch.
What I like most about is that before bedtime I wash my nose (using a 10cc syringe but sans needle) and "yoga" inhale it through my nose and out my mouth. When the detritus of the days snuffing is clear all that remains is the smoky taste of Princes. I find this very pleasant and relax with it while reading.
Just prior to sleep I take a pinch of a floral which blends well with the smokiness of the Princes.
Macouba and Jasmine are still my favorites but I will order more Princes when the time to reorder comes.

Rich Scent

Very dark and heavy, pleasent light vinegar scent. Very rich scents to this one. People say its not an all dayer, but i have been happily taking this throughout the day with great enjoyment. Nicotine is medium, good tingles in nose. Little bit messy asit is dark in colour. Enjoy.


Complete dissapointment. I get nothing that was described by the other reviews for the princes . What I do have is a dark tamed down macouba with the same citronella candle scent. What I got says princes but the review of the princes special is very similar to what I received and because of the princes special review I opted for the princes instead because I don't care for the citronella mosquito repellent smell. So pissed.