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SNUV White Blow 15g

SNUV White Blow 15g

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SNUV White range of snuffs are all based on classic "white" tobacco.

Although more a pale brown, white snuff is very strong and of very fine grind.

For this reason we recommend that only seasoned, expert or masochistic snuffers even attempt these snuffs. Small pinches sniffed carefully and gently is what is required if you don't want mucus streaming for various orifices.

You have been warned.

Snuv Blow is a strong, white finely ground snuff version of Black League which is a truly wonderful snuff.

If you are looking for a version of Black League or for that matter Poschl Packards Club but a more intense version that satisfies with more of a punch, then Snuv White Blow is well worth a try.

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Disclaimer: I am a snuff beginner. I liked this snuff, strong and super fine. Not the best aroma due to the type of tobacco used I guess (same background Tobacco aroma than Crack and Toot). However, the big plus is that I don't have to blow my nose all the time like other regular snuffs. And the nicotine is very strong which is super enjoyable. Quite addictive. Don't take too much though, small pinches are way enough. Great product overall.

Arthur Greenfield

This is snuff is intense and I do not regret getting it one bit. The flavor is wonderful. Menthol is not crazy but is unique for me. I was honestly expecting not to like this that much but the nicotine hit is long lasting and powerful

Eye watering

Strong eucalyptus brings this snuff to life not to mention just the tin note is enough to make your eyes water! Front of the nose too far and you’ll spin like a top...🤗

American Woman

SNUV’s Black League is one of my all-time favourite snuff’s. I love the way it moves from menthol, to tobacco, to fruit, to flowers and back again; like the spirit of God moving upon the face of the deep. I relish its black earthiness and coarse grind, which feels like a sumptuous mixture of large-crystal cane sugar folded with thick molasses. White Blow tastes exactly like Black League, yet with a welt inducing sting furnished by the crack of a braided whip. It has the same flavour complexity but with a jittery nicotine rush that accentuates the bags under your eyes and makes your neck itch. Like icing sugar, it is powdered excess through over refinement. If League is like Stan Getz’s “Girl from Ipanema” then Blow is like The Guess Who’s “American Woman”. It is the difference between the girl next door and a hip-booted dominatrix. Both can be similarly enjoyable…although fundamentally quite different. Recommended in small doses, its oil finish and fine grind tends to stick to the philtrum and the anterior nares. Given its pale colour, it is recommended to wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth after every uptake.

NOT your "First Bump O' The Day" Snuff

Bought because the description said it's like Packards club which is one of my favorites- absolutely hell no it's not similar lol, not even slightly. Overall though not bad, I like it, not love it. Now if you don't read the part of the description that says to take small pinches and slowly, like I didn't, and you come of the cuff trying to do a big bump like you would Packards or other coarse ground snuff...your going to hate your life for about 15 minutes and have a REALLY bad morning. That being said, once you've drank a gallon of water to replenish all the snot and tears you just shed and work up your courage to try it the RIGHT way, it's actually quite pleasant. It's relatively heavy menthol initially, but does have a hard to describe woodsy floral after taste that subsequently covers up the initial menthol burn making you wonder if you were imagining it had menthol at all. Flavor/scent seems to linger in the nostrils longer than ozona or packards flavors I've tried, more on par with something like Bernards Fichtennadel (time frame-wise, not at all same flavor). It's worth a try, far from the worst I've tried *cough Glectsherprise *cough, cough. Initially I thought I'd hate it, but I've come to enjoy it in small doses here and there to brake up the monotony of the daily usuals. It'd be a rough start if it were your first bump of the day, but it's not bad as the last as you wind the day down with that lingering oddly pleasant woodsy floral scent right before you sleep.