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SNUV White Toot 15g

SNUV White Toot 15g

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SNUV White range of snuffs are all based on classic "white" tobacco.

Although more a pale brown, white snuff is very strong and of very fine grind.

For this reason we recommend that only seasoned, expert or masochistic snuffers even attempt these snuffs. Small pinches sniffed carefully and gently is what is required if you don't want mucus streaming for various orifices.

You have been warned.

SNUV Toot is a raspberry flavour much like Ozona R-Type except these raspberries will punch you in the face if you don't heed the above warning. Otherwise it is a refreshing, light, not candied summer snuff with intense satisfaction.

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Not so much...

This stuff is super-fine and VERY potent! Sadly, the scent isn't enjoyable. Its like snorting cheap perfume. That's the only way I can describe it. Won't get it again. Almost identical to Nose Candy. Just not enjoyable.


First time trying snuff, tried out some Red Bull first and enjoyed it, but the smell of this white toot is soooo pleasant, strong raspberry. And REALLY hits ya hard and fast lol. It’s very fleeting, small pinch goes a long way. The initial “oh wow Vitamin N factor seems to hit and fade after a minute or less. But it’s definitely strong

Cooper A.
Great Product

Just got my first order in and I absolutely love it, I had never tried snuff before prior to this so I didn't necessarily know what to expect but I am pleasantly surprised. It's quick, easy, and has an amazing raspberry flavor/scent, I did think that it would be stronger, I would've preferred if it burned a little bit more and for longer and I wish the nicotine hit a little harder (I took three decent sized bumps in both nostrils) but other than that this was an amazing product to introduce me to snuff.

Tyler Damico
No joke

Just a Smaallll pinch packs a punch. I wouldn't Recommend if you're brand new to snuff

D Wheeler
Just amazing

What can I say except WOW! This snuff was worth the little wait it took to get to Canada! I went ahead and ordered the entire white line and I was not disappointed with Toot. It comes in hard and fast, definitely not for the faint of heart or the beginner. But that burn is sooo satisfying, even as tears come to your eyes and your ears start to burn. A nice serving of vitamin N, even for someone like me who has a high tolerance. Toot is my second favorite of this line (following by Genuine White) and easily in my top three favorite snuffs. As soon as I opened the tin, I was blasted by raspberry sweet flavors. But make no mistake! The second you take even the smallest sniff, you instantly know that this is a hard hitting, good snuff that you will come back to over and over again! I LOVE the strong flavors that this line is bringing to me! 10/10 will repeat!