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Viking Thor's Hammer 20g

Viking Thor's Hammer 20g

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Viking Thor's Hammer may have been fermented where Mjölnir was forged. The tobacco aromas bring us to a blacksmith's fire with leather apron and musky aromas of dry hay, sweaty beasts and thick damp air. The scents are almost mythic and this legendary recipe comes with a dark robe, medium coarse flour and a moist, easily pinched grind that can handily be taken in the nose with little irritation while providing a superior rush of endorphins that lasts a long while. This snuff should be seriously considered as a mainstay of any collection. Odin's son will rock your world.

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Grampas tackroom

I love this stuff. Reminds me of fresh cured leather and the smell of Grandpa's tackroom. One of my favorites. I plan to keep a can ready

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A Truly Wagnerian Snuff

Thor's Hammer is a snuff that would make all of the gods of Asgard smile. Truly, I was surprised by just how good it is. The combination of the fine grind and moderate moisture gives it a pleasant feel, almost like well-milled flour. Unlike its namesake, the aroma of Thor's Hammer is subtle, like upturned garden earth and ground chocolate. It's incredibly smooth on the uptake, making it easy to take pinch after pinch. This is when the hammer's blow falls -- this snuff delivers a powerful dose of vitamin N! If you're a fan of tobacco-forward, non-mentholated snuffs, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

Brutishly Smooth.

Brutishly smooth as well as a strong dealer in sateing vitamin N desires.

Darkness & Light

Plain tobacco snuffs have not really been my thing in the past, but I am coming to appreciate them more, and this snuff has had a great deal to do with this recent development. A blend of the flue-cured Virginia leaf used in Viking Blonde and the dark-fired Virginia seed leaf used in Viking Dark, this blended snuff delivers a perfect mix of what both have to offer. From the tin, there isn't much of an aroma, but once this snuff hits the front of nose, it delivers a pleasant rush of earth, leather, chocolate, straw, biscuit, peat, and smoke. There is a slight peppery quality and some hints of grass, mushroom, and musty barnyard funk in there too. The grind is medium-fine. Moisture content is moderate. Nicotine content is rather high, but it is not immediately noticeable. More often than not, the nicotine sneaks up on you with this snuff, so a little care is required when taking it. Straightforward and effective, this is just a delightful blended snuff overall. Definitely consider checking it out if you are looking for a reliable unscented snuff.

The Viking Thors Hammer

I ordered Thors Hammer and you sent me Gawaith Original at a fraction of the money I sent. Can you please correct this mistake? Thank you, TOD