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Wilsons Diplomat 20g

Wilsons Diplomat 20g

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Wilsons Diplomat is the skilled management of fruit and spice. The content of this tin has been formulated to tactfully combine the exuberance of the apricot and the zesty piquant of menthol. The consolidation of these aromas becomes the perfect addition to matured tobacco leaves. The melange is as close to a perfect marriage as possible which insures harmony in every pinch. As would be expected for this namesake, the color is middle brown, the grind is medium coarse, the moisture is midway, the nose burn is mild and tenders a moderate nicotine hit. This snuff is calculated to offend no one but rather provide a reliable and enjoyable accompaniment to any occasion.

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Eric Perlinger

Wilsons’ Diplomat is constituted from the same base elements as “Gawith Original” by Pöschl or Gawith & Hoggarth’s “CM”, but offers a subtler snuff experience. Where Diplomat differentiates itself from these other products is through dosage. The menthol and camphor, while present, do not steal the limelight from the apricot, allowing for a mild and flavourful burn that lingers nicely. With medium nicotine, medium moisture and a medium grind there is nothing about it to offend the uptake. Diplomat is neither overwhelming through its camphor and menthol, nor underwhelming by being fad; one is simply pleased…or whelmed…by its warm embrace.

Nice, for a menthol

I’m not typically a fan of the heavily mentholated snuffs, like McChrystals or anything like that, but maybe it’s the name “Diplomat”, but I just feel like George Shultz with this one about to go in with a top Soviet apparatchik and negotiate for a world nuclear de-escalation deal. Get a 5 gram tin of Diplomat and see if you like it.

Delightful mentholated Apricot

Medium grind and moisture, the mentholated blast takes turns to give way to a refreshing but soapy delightful Apricot aroma. For me this is a 5 as a mentholated snuff but I'd prefer a little less menthol and perhaps something more complex to join the Apricot. The Apricot is long lasting and particularly good to scent outside in fresh temperate. If you like mentholated and perfumed snuffs this will be a quality choice

Refreshing And Balanced

This is by far one of the best apricot snuffs on the market. It fully envelopes the senses with apricot, with just a touch of menthol to warm things up. The apricot flavor is well balanced but lean's towards a more natural refreshing apricot flavor. Which excellent.

Sniff a Kool

Super menthol ,did they forget to add tobacco? like smoking fiterless kools with out the smokeyness. The breath from my mouth is even effected, Highly recommended if your blocked up ,I believe my nasal cavitys are free and clear of the snuff that been stuck there for years. Extreamly moist so, I am putting it in glass before it rusts the tin. Nothing brutal about this one ,very easy to use with goggles for the vapors. Did I mention it doesn't fade any time soon. I like it for what it is; a tool a good wake up snuff. Only gets 4 snuff circles