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Wilsons Grove 500g

Wilsons Grove 500g


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Wilsons Grove will transpose the taker straight to the Amalfi coastline, down the Via del Limone near Ravello. The coastal breeze wafts the unmistakable perfume of lemon blossoms, there is a halt to break from the sun and sip a glass of cool limoncello and partake in the parade of bitter to sweet flavors therein. The diversity of aromas is compounded with the ambient earthy odors of tilled fields, sun baked earth and local herb gardens. The color is of a dark roasted coffee bean, moisture is medium-dry and the grind is rather fine and silky. The nasal burn is quickly replaced with the snuff's aromas and the nicotine is quite plentiful. Another easy way to evade routine and enjoy some fine Italian sunshine.

Available in several convenient container sizes.
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Wilsons Grove 500g
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Customer Reviews

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Lemon Meringue Pie

Similar to McChrystal’s “Sicilian Burst”, Grove brings to mind hot summer days in Asti, drinking Spumante, while listening to Paolo Conte. Cocoa brown, this finely ground snuff is high in nicotine, of medium moisture and offers-up a mild yet persistent burn. Sorrento lemon dominates the flavour profile; combined with its base tobacco, Grove taste like…lemon meringue pie! Exquisitely paired with fizzy white wine, it is wonderful to take with either plain yoghurt or vanilla ice cream.

Brighten Your Day

The name conjures up visions of comming to in a california orchard surrounded by empty citron bottles and 5 lb bag of sugar. How did you get here it noon the sun is burning high in the sky and your in the middle of a lemon grove.

The grind is fine to ultra fine and the moisture level is dry the nicotine is medium /low easy to use all day if one wish to. This alone is not much to say but add a little menthol and the scent comes popping out.

This is a good snuff with a light scent of lemons,Just enough to brighten your day.

Rhyming Reasons

One of the best for all day enjoyment. The lemon aroma is smooth and refreshing, and the burn is light, yet long lasting. It's one of the few Snuffs I never tire of, from dawn till dusk.

Lemon Grove, O' Lemon Grove
You're the one I want in my nasal cove
You remind me of a tropical vacation
Upbeat jazz on the radio station
The ocean sand between my toes
Lemon Grove Snuff in my nose

Well Balanced All-Day Snuff

After a few days of sampling Lemon Grove in various environments both indoors and outdoors, I have come to the conclusion that I was too hasty with my previous review, giving this snuff a lesser rating than it deserves.

While I admit that the aroma of lemon was weaker than I anticipated, I nevertheless came to be rather fond of this well-balanced all-day snuff. For one, it does not make my nose runny quite as much as most other non-toasts. It has a pleasant smell and texture and would be a good choice for any new snuff-taker who enjoys citrus. Mix it with something strong (I used Dholakia White and WoS Extra Menthol) to give it more of a kick; you might be surprised at just how well the lemon aroma retains its presence. Alternatively, enjoy its amicable company unadulterated. Above all, give Lemon Grove a few days before issuing your final verdict -- you may find that it grows on you.


A mild snuff with a very underwhelming lemon aroma that dissipates as soon as you close the tin. I must say I was quite disappointed with this one.