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6 Photo Green Dragon 8g

6 Photo Green Dragon 8g

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The oriental dragon is a sign of good fortune and and is a venerated symbol of heavenly protection over all that is good and are sometimes even known to control the weather. This Green Dragon is a unique blend that is not a traditional mixture. This fine ground tobacco compound also includes an accent of mint that adds a lovely greenish tint and cools the bite and counter balances the overpowering heat. The dragon then delivers a rush of nicotine that is almost incomparable. Will you try and ride the Green Dragon?

Available in a convenient container size.

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Based on 13 reviews
Strong Mint Madness

This has to be one of the strongest snuffs I've tried and when I started this hobby I jumped right in and bought many different kinds to try. The strength is comparable to some stronger Madras snuffs like Dragon from Janta Naswar. It opens up your nose while delivering burn that persits even after you blow your nose clear. It's moist and easy to take but not beginner friendly since it can overwhelm one. I love this stuff and bought quite a bit of it just to have some whenever I want. Five out of five.

Corey Eisenberg
Honest variety

It's nice to get a varietal that doesn't seem too artificial or sweet. Ginger is the big punch, green tea the weaker note. A little too dry in my opinion. More of a dessert snuff than anything.

Jeremiah Smith
Odd & hot

Burns quite a bit contrary to what some folks here are saying. The taste isn't half bad. It's definitely not the worst one in the sampler but by no means a favorite or go to.

Martin Levac
Powerfull and satisfying

Unique scent, mint, green tea and possibly ginger. A powerfull nicotine hit that lasts a long time. Surprisingly easy to take considering the initial burn.

Kevin Cutler
Green Dragon

This is my new favourite! It’s all around delicious just like the Begum Green but a little lighter on the menthol! Fine snuff reminds me of key lime Pie! 5 smiling stars