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Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g

Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g


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Bernard Brazil Fresco is another in a trio of Brazilian based schmalzlers. There is a unique personality under this recipe of fermented tobaccos. The texture is dark, medium coarse and plump with schmalz. The aroma is bawdy and bold but crowned with a sweet and spicy fragrance. The pinch sniffs easily with a moderate burn and  is quickly replaced with a pleasant and persistent nicotine buzz. Well worth considering as a regular in the rotation. Genießen Sie eine Prise

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Erik Pecheny (Rock Springs, US)
Bernard Fresco

Very good

Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g

It's like Snuffing fig's,and coffee cake It's warm burn is delightful.It's not a all the time Snuff at all but for occasional partaking it's amazingly great.

Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g

Moist, dark, complex, rich and slightly fruity. This is a wonderful snuff that is very easy to take and almost impossible to overdo. Complex fermented Brazillian tobacco flavor that has a mild fruity flavor and oil for moisture. I often end up using several grams at a time because it is so good and not overpowering. Would pair nicely with a hoppy IPA. This one will make your nose run heavily so make sure you have an ample supply of handkerchiefs handy. Medium nicotine levels. Wonderful any time of day.

Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g

I purchased about a dozen snuffs from Mr. Snuff and shipped to US, to try out some different kinds. Out of all of them, this is my favorite.. it has a rich cocoa scent and flavor, and produces a nice drip and a "classic" nicotine buzz that we tend to forget about over time. I was sort of surprised to tap on the dispenser a couple days ago and discover.. it was all gone! The only thing i found I did not especially like about this was the very dark stuff that ends up in your nose compared to other drier, lighter snuffs, but i don;t really care, just blow your nose once in a while :) Very amazing snuff and i will be getting more Bernard snuffs.

Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g

Coarse, dark brown, medium moist, easy to take. Tin note, or should I say box note, is something dark and sweet. In the nose, I get a bitter cocoa scent along with sweetish liquor notes. After the liquor smell fades away, the cocoa scent starts smelling like coffee. This new scent lasts in the nose for a decent amount of time. Great snuff, but it clumps together in the box, so you have to manually crush it before snuffing it. The throat drip is rather unpleasant as well, so try blowing your nose when it starts to feel the snuff will start dripping. Medium nicotine content.