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Bernard Regensburger 10g

Bernard Regensburger 10g

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Bernard Regensburger is a nutty, chocolaty, slightly citrus mix that distinguish this snuff from the rest. The unique flavor has a complex fragrance that will also provide another qualifier in your snuff vocabulary, and well worth adding to your repertoire. As usual, this schmalzler is dark, aromatic, with a mid to coarse grind, fluffy and moist. The nicotine department was not overlooked and the sensation in the nose is mild. Beware, upon trial you may get hooked. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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One to have

Of the snuff in this style and from this brand, Regensburger has an especially thoughtful mixture of lovely cured tobacco that carries the chocolate and mild orange with some extra sweetness plus a touch of floral (rose/bergamot). The presentation is very comfortable and the quality endures without burn or drip.
The delightful mix or nice tobacco and enduring flavour makes Regensburger top draw.

The Capitan
Fig & raisin

This is nearly identical to Poschl's Schmalzler D. Overall light flavor. Subtle overtones of fig & raisin. It's ok but not one of my favorites.

Benedikt Bauer
Quality not always on point

Had this snuff both ordered and bought from online and from a local tobacco shop.
It seems the fruity fregrance is not always on point. It changes from very present to not really noticeable.
Otherwise its a premium snuff and the description is spot on.

Connor Akley
Bernard Regensburger 10g

For the money spent, I found this snuff to be quite enjoyable! Nice mellow taste, not too strong on the pallet yet it has enough of a kick to satisfy the veterans. I would say it is a perfect in between! Its fruity aroma combined with nutty and earthy tones have proven to be very relaxing and fulfilling. It reminded me somewhat of the GWAYI BABATON but less dense and a little bit more mild, however that does not mean that at some points it is just what I am looking for!

Bernard Regensburger 10g

I think this is inspired from Postillion, which in my opinion has a much greater flavor than Regensburger. One gets the chocolate, but it has a much lighter scent. Their is a fruity scent, but I don't get reminds me of an orange wafer. Yes, this is like chocolate with a tiny undercurrent of an orange wafer. Its a nice quality snuff, but I prefer the other dark chocolate type schmalzlers from Bernard.