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Dholakia Kamal 50g

Dholakia Kamal 50g


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A smooth and flavorful smokeless nasal snuff made from a blend of Indian Burley and Virginia tobacco. With floral, herbal, and sweet notes, this medium brown snuff has a fine grind and medium moisture, making it perfect for beginners. Enjoy a medium-high nicotine kick without the smoke.

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Dholakia Kamal 50g
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Dholakia Kamal 50gDHO185
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Indian Potpourri

This snuff reminded me of some old potpourri my grandma had laying around her house. Not really my favorite smells. Be careful pouring this out of the container, it is very fine and dry, so I accidentally spilled some on the floor. Very good nicotine hit though. Its worth a try, just get the smallest size at first.


KAMAL is a beautiful scented snuff. Not a heavy floral scented snuff but a delicate floral like the lotus with a nice nicotine vibe. I love how Kamal has a baby powder note that is not annoying but welcoming. It makes it presence known but also knows when to leave noteland. Great to take before engaging with people on an evening out. The floral scent goes into the mouth pronounced. Tried to have someone distinguish the roses upon my breath and they did, saying it was lovely. Not an everyday snuff but definitely a snuff that is enjoyed for memorable times.

Hindu Temple

This is ground almost as fine as Cheeta and Dholakia White. It reminds me of stepping into a hindu temple. Its heavily incensed and reminds me of Nag Champa. The scent, however, is not overpowering. Its very sweet, almost too sweet, but definately wonderful to indulge in. Not an all day everyday snuff, but I'm certainly glad I ordered it and will reorder in the future.

Dholakia Kamal 25g

This one has been one of my all time favorites. A very musk, and rose like scent, a fine snuff and one I will always keep around.

Very Musky

Smells like actual deer musk (I would guess chinese farmed) but not rose otto. It is very fine and dry. Decent nicotine with a bit of a burn. I plan to keep a few tins of this in my snuff collection, as the musk in it is very interesting.