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J & H Wilson Medicated 99 5g

J & H Wilson Medicated 99 5g

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J & H Wilson Medicated 99 is definitely an ode to menthol and eucalyptus. This snuff has the amazing property of restoring the sinuses with the cool and bracing flavor of peppermint camphor. A medicinal snuff that truly works as advertised. Some floral undertones may surface along side the exquisite tobacco taste that is a hallmark of this brand. The grind is rather fine and presents a moderate discomfort in the nose while providing an ample hit of vitamin N. May help in refining your definition of mentholated snuff.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Jeffrey Graham
Great kick

Super stout. Great snuff. Little dry.

Quick mild Menthol & Peppery Sneezy Burn. Dry. No Eucalyptus. Not As Fresh As Simon's Tin.

I'm not sure if there is a difference in freshness/quality with the 5g and 20g tins, but the 5g tins feel very underpowered. I was expecting something a bit similar to Red Bull snuff, but this one has far less Nicotine than Red Bull and the menthol isn't exactly on the cool side, it just a slight burn. That's the peppermint. Might recommend as a beginner medicated snuff, but it doesn't feel like there is much there. Nicotine wise I'm not really feeling a whole lot. I don't think the tin was as fresh as Simon's.

Jacob Hendrickson
J&H Med 99

Tin was absolutely packed full. The product everything I was hoping for. Strong menthol, powerful nicotine hit. Drips are tasty. Looking forward to enjoying this during winter work.

Pleasant Surprise

Maybe I just don't pay enough attention but I feel like this doesn't have the rep that it deserves as I don't really see anyone talk about it or recommend it. The stuff is great and will definitely become a daily snuff.

Matthew Francis
Dry, Dusty, Old-Fashioned & Totally Delicious

J.&H. Wilson's M.E.D. No. 99 is a classic medicated snuff and has stuck around as long as it has for a reason. Delivering delightful notes of menthol, black pepper, peppermint, camphor, bergamot, and lemon zest framed against a backdrop of lavender, eucalyptus, sea salt, earth, biscuit, and grapefruit, this snuff offers a ton of complexity, though it remains expertly balanced throughout. Absolutely nothing is out of place or out of focus. Moisture content is relatively low. The grind is fine and dusty, so care should be taken when tooting this snuff. Nicotine content is fairly high. Even though I tend to prefer more moisture and more of a medium-fine grind in my medicated snuffs, this one still managed to thoroughly impress me. Again, it's a classic. It is a snuff that anyone with any level of interest in medicated snuffs really should try.