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Kayak Peach Long Cut 34g

Kayak Peach Long Cut 34g

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Peach… whooooole lotta sweet sweet peach. I don’t even really have anything funny to say here… it’s just that damn good. Not to go back to the soda or candy comparison, but it does taste like Nehi peach soda or those peach gummy candies. If y’all have never tried either of those, but like the taste of sweet but slightly tart peach, you won’t be disappointed. Unless you DON’T like peach… in which case, the hell are you doin on this page? Shoo!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very sweet

First time dipping and started with this. Absolutely lovely flavour and enjoyable experience.

Dripping good

So peachy it’s Devine

Good, but not something I would want every day

Tastes like Peach Rings candy, It makes a nice dessert dip but I its not something I would want everyday.

Like all Kayaks it has no burn because low ph, which makes some people think Kayak is a weak dip, it has 12mg nicotine but only 1.7mg free nicotine just add a pinch of sodium carbonate shake the can and leave over night, tomorrow you have a good tasting hard hitting dip with a better burn.