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Paul Gotard Latakia 7g

Paul Gotard Latakia 7g

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Paul Gotard Latakia: a mixture of oriental tobacco, Virginia, and Burley. All have undergone a process of fermentation at the end of the addition of the original Virginia blend from Polish cultivation of Dark Gotard's Wine. A course, dry, smoky snuff.

Comes in a convenient 7g tap box

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Peter l.
Not quite sure...

I read that Latakia tobacco is a whole different experience. And I honestly don't think I'm quite ready for it. Gonna keep it around and go slow with this one. If Latakia is your thing or you wanna try something new, it's definitely worth a shot.


This is the only offering on the Paul Gotard line I've tried so far and it definitely raises my interest in their line as well as Latakia in general. The grind is very coarse. Even coarser than Molens. The color is the typical brown but despite the color and grind difference this could be mistaken for a crude scotch or toast if you tried it blindfolded. It takes the smokiness of that genre to a whole nother level. It's like the smell of a campfire with hints of the process mentioned on the front page involving wine and fermentation adding a level of richness to it though the woodsmoke aroma is quite powerful. The nicotine is considerable which I think is typical of Latakia from what I've heard. If you like the smokiness of scotches and toasts and don't care for the fine grind this is the snuff for you. It does have a slightly irritating throat drip and pieces of stalk in it however.

This Stuff Is Great

Smoky, slightly sweet with notes of coffee and cocoa. I am a pipe smoker who enjoys a good English blend from time to time, and I've been looking for something that could serve as a stand-in with winter months bringing cold weather and not being allowed to smoke in the house, and this fits the bill. It's also great for when I'm at work and can't smoke. I just received this and I will DEFINITELY be ordering more. This stuff is great!