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Poschl JBR Wintergreen 10g

Poschl JBR Wintergreen 10g

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Poschl JBR Green is a testament to an old style English tobacco firm, J. Brumfit & Radford Ltd, lending their expertise to concoct a fine blend of tobacco leaf that produces something very original. This snuff is flavored with a complex blend of spices that arouses the fond memories of a walk in the deep forest on a cold winter's day. This mixture's color is dark; the grind and moisture are medium. The attack on the nose is more in line with tingle and surprise than actual burn and the nicotine is midland. Picture a stroll through the Black Forest of Baden-Württemberg .

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Zane Alter
JBR Wintergreen

very pleasant, could last a little longer

Paul Shallbetter - Uncle Squinty
It certainly is wintergreen, not spearmint and is easy to take!

This is almost too easy to take. The menthol is minimal, and despite both the description and another review here, it certainly is wintergreen over everything else. Nicotine is mil to mid- range. I love it, although it is fairly expensive. This IMHO is the best of the four JBR snuffs available.

Smokeless Choice
JBR Green Hits The Spot

When I first tried this brand I was blown away. The menthol is not overpowering. It's about medium. There is no tobacco burn that I felt - just the cool and smooth Spearmint scent. The description of this product says that it's Wintergreen which is why I ordered it. I didn't taste Wintergreen, instead I tasted more or less Spearmint.

The tobacco is soft and somewhat fluffy. I would say that it's a medium grind that you can somewhat grind between your fingers to warm up from the box car mode to take as a pinch of necessary. I ordered two more tap boxes yesterday, as JBR Green is an all day Snuff and a solid 10. Glad I ordered it. Check out my review of this product on my YouTube channel Smokeless Choice. Link: