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Poschl Radford 25g

Poschl Radford 25g

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Poschl Radford has the famous schmalzler texture combined with an English medicated twist that provides a unique snuffing experience. The combination of strong eucalyptus-camphor scent with a sweet rich-earth flavor synonymous with fine tobaccos is a mix made in heaven. The powder is mid brown, medium moist, fluffy and viscid. The feel in the nose is not unpleasant but rather a prickly cooling sensation. The nicotine is very present and sustained. A beautiful Teutonic interpretation of English medication. Try some, one pinch and all will be revealed.

Available in a convenient 25 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 8.

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Can't beat it

This stuff stands on its own but is also great to mix with other snuffs that maybe you want to give a bit of extra menthol to. Coarse grind decently moist and lots of beautiful menthol.

T. Vee
All time Favorite ☺️

What a great Snuff! This is my favorite Poschl, the premium is good too, but this is perfect.

Oleg Dik
Excellent snuff!

Excellent snuff! Maybe too sweet for English snuff, but it makes it even better!

Marc Thomas Hertlein
Poeschl Radford

I am a huge fan of English type mentholated/medicated snuffs. I ordered this one out of curiosity. I got to say it is exceeding my expectations. Usually Poeschl snuffs are corse and moist, compared to most English snuffs and it works so very good. It is a strong "medicated", much more moist than, let's say, Hedges or WoS's medicated snuffs. It is powerful with a very intense methol kick that stays. The other scents are your typical tobacco and some spicy notes. Verdict: If you find real English snuffs to dry sometimes, try this one. It is an excellent top shelf medicated snuff.
The SG style tin is very difficult to open. At least the one I am snuffing on. Heard this from other people too. I've put it in an empty SG tin, because the lid fits perfect.. Solved

Poschl Radford 25g

This is to menthol what hedges is to camphor, a very heavy menthol. This stuff is very good with an oiled tobacco base making it easy on the nose. The menthol is so strong that it has a burning/numbing effect for a moment then becomes super cooling, more so than any other snuff I have tried. One to always have on hand, I cannot see ever not being in the mood for this masterpiece.