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Princes  Classic Tin 25g

Princes Classic Tin 25g

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Fribourgh & Treyer Princes is a seemingly less refined offering with no obvious perfume but rather a more marsh-like scent that is reminiscent of a hay fields after the rain. The sensation in the nose is without any unpleasantness. The rustic nature of this snuff reveals a rich dark color, sticky moist and chunky texture that offer the most extraordinary rush of nicotine than one would expect from a much dryer powder.  Another tome to add to your English snuff library. Enjoy a pinch today.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Hubert Sneed
Princes Special

Have ordered this twice and love it,now I dip this I have never done the nasel way. Iam 70 years old been using sence I was 4. Here ite gotten to high a large plastic can has gotten up to 48.00,so I told them just keep it. I don't understand why,last summer it was 17.00,which is to high. So I am glad I found this site,keep up the good prices and thanks again. Am looking for a sweet snuff as well for my better half.

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Eric Perlinger
To Cut a Cad

In A Movable Feast, Ford Maddox Ford tells Ernest Hemingway that: “A gentleman will always cut a cad.” According to the makers of Fribourg &Treyer, the recipe for Princes dates all the way back to the Regency period. A likely concoction for Prinny himself, it is bracing like a slap across the face by a pair of bespoke gloves. Black, like a used espresso puck, this high moisture snuff leaves the throat clear of any unpleasant residue and has no burn or fever to speak of. Its uniquely clean flavouring is a blend of cat urine and civet that is refreshingly pleasant. Martial, the high nicotine content drills your senses to full attention like a Regimental Sergeant Major.