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Samuel Gawith Black Arabica 25g

Samuel Gawith Black Arabica 25g

Gawith Hoggarth

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Samuel Gawith Black Arabica is a quality blend that has a mature personality. The coffee flavor is a rich dark roast with a silky smooth finish. The only bitterness is the caffeine bite that only enhances the tobacco taste. There are notes of leather, burning straw and toffee that are qualifiers that will differ for each person. So let us admit it is compellingly complex. The color is quite dark and the texture is moist with a medium coarse grind. Beware with the intake as the burn can be significant but short lived and the reward is quite surprising with a major endorphin stimulation that is extremely pleasant. Espresso for the nose.

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Samuel Gawith Black Arabica 25g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Will (Portland, US)
Received different container than advertised

As stated in title, I received a different style and color package than shown on the listing.
Not sure if that means a different product, but this is a solid 1/5 stars for me.
Smelled the container when I opened it, and gave off the aroma of spoiled oil. No hints of coffee, toffee, nothing. First try and it was even worse and more apparent of a gross motor oil smell that filled my nose.
I hope I just got a bad one, as I was really looking forward to this product.

Ben (Seattle, US)

I couldn’t really get the coffee, but it has an intense and wonderful tobacco flavor that I greatly enjoyed. Not much sting (some, but I’m new to snuff), but excellent smell/flavor.

h.m. (Bilbao, ES)

intense flavor slightly reminiscent of coffee. If you are used to schmalzer type snuff you will love it. Intense, deep and long-lasting flavour, it does not sting in the nose nor is it abrasive. It's so worth it

Ty (Minneapolis, US)

I'm new to snuff. I think this is great,.. I don't know enough to articulate why. . But this will be what I measure anything else I try against. It's... familiar, and subtle, I love it

JD (Woodstock, US)
Bandaids and rubber

This you have to tap out very slowly the first time I nearly dumped the whole box out but I got the smell of a skinned knee with bandaids and a bunch of little pieces of rubber half burnt but I must say this gets 4 stars just because the nicotine is decent the flavor though isn’t unpleasant just strange