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Santo Domingo Classic Tin 25g

Santo Domingo Classic Tin 25g

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Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo is a rich and flavorful feast for the nose. This amalgam of tobaccos has produced a superb snuff that rivals even the schmalzlers for sheer taste. There ia a scent of an Irish bog with a smoldering fire in the air. This dark colored, sticky moist and very coarsely textured powder delivers a slight nose burn and an ample, long lasting nicotine supply. Enjoy a pinch today.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Meenakshi Wells
I'd buy this by the kilo if I could

I'm not sure if I have found another snuff that I like more than this offering from F&T, though my experience is limited in terms of variety.
Still, I could sniff it all day, in fact I have been doing just that ever since I got my order of the stuff. 3×50g bottles and already planning to order more.
Moist, coarse, and dark - it looks a bit like damp coffee in the tin.
Sandal, cedar, and violet, it is very earthy with a lovely tobacco aroma. It offers a good dose of vitamin N without too much burning, and tends to stay in the nose instead of hitting in the throat.
One annoying thing is that it does tend to drop out of my nose a bit, as it's quite coarse and also damp.
To me, this is exactly how snuff should be.

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Eric Perlinger
Spring Thaw

Six months of organic materials suddenly thawing and decomposing under the warmth of the equinoxal sun; this meaty snuff with strong leathery tones is best shoveled into the nostrils with an appropriately sized serving spoon. It’s smooth tobacco flavour well accompanies spirits of malted barley, wheat and rye while mimicking the pleasure of a fine cigar without the offense of thick blue smoke. Santo Domingo is Ram’s Head worthy and the snuff to enjoy in the library of one’s favourite Club whilst decompressing in an overstuffed green leather chair.

Intriguing Perfume

Very dark, medium moist, seemingly course ground, dark fired leaf tobacco with a delicate scent. Between sandalwood, cedar and violet none overpower the other making for an intriguing perfume. I detect a little saltiness also. Very easy to snuff loads due to it's dampness though hard to keep a little from dropping out the nose. Nice nic and very mild tobacco fragrance. I am now compelled to try all of the Fribourg & Treyor recipes.