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Strong Hold Moustache Wax: Cedarwood

Strong Hold Moustache Wax: Cedarwood

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Traditional Styling wax for beards and moustaches. Firm and moisture resistant. Our strong mustache wax can be used to firmly hold your facial hair in all styles and shapes and lasts a long, long time as well as being moisture resistant. Our Best Mustache Wax comes in a handy 15ml pocket sized tin that is convenient for travel.

  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Pocket sized 15ml Tin
  • Strong hold for mustache and beards
  • Lasts a long, long time
  • Moisture resistant so you can drink without getting shaggy
  • Available in Lo-Scent and beautiful fragrances including Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Whiskey on the Rocks, and Eucalyptus.
  • Top quality at low price
  • Fast Worldwide shipping.

What is mustache wax and why you need it?
Moustache wax is a stiff and slightly sticky pomade that is applied to your moustache to both shape and hold the hairs in place, especially at the ends.

What makes our product so good?
The secret to our wax is the 100% premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients, the thorough testing we have made to perfect the product, and the love and care taken in making it.

How Long will it Last?
This pocket sized 1/2 Oz (15 ml) Tin will last a long time depending on usage.

What does it smell like?
Our Mustache Wax is available in 6 fragrances - Low Scent Wax, Cedarwood Wax, Sweet Orange Wax, Lemongrass Wax, Whiskey Wax, and Eucalyptus Wax.Our Original Low Scent wax is low odour and won't interfere with your cologne!

How should I use it?
Only a small amount of pomade is needed (usually less than a fingernail worth) which is scraped from the tin and warmed in the hands. Once pliable it is applied to the ends of the mustache or beard where styling is required. Click the link for more detailed instructions on how to use mustache wax.


Whats in the Tin?
Wax Ingredients: Cera Alba (Beeswax), Petrolatum. Fragranced oils have Essential oils of Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus.

Always patch test before full use and discontinue if irritation occurs.

Does it have a use by date?
Every tin is filled and sealed for freshness. After opening you should use within 12 months to get the most of the wax. But it is so good you will use it long before then.

Why does it cost so much less than competing beard care products?
Because we hand make every tin of wax from our own premises we do not have the high production and staff costs of other manufacturers, but our product is just as good (we would say far superior actually) to any other moustache wax on the market. Because we love it so much we want to pass it onto you at the lowest cost possible.

Can I see any customer mustache wax reviews?
You sure can. We have mustache wax reviews from customers direct and from our Ebay and Amazon stores. Please check our reviews page for more information.

How do you make it?
We make our waxes by hand in our secure, hygienic premises in the UK, using the best quality, cosmetic grade ingredients and manufactured in small batches and according to EU legislation.

Do you sell mustache wax in kits and gift sets?
Yes we sell our waxes as part of our premium gentlemen's gift sets and kits which make perfect presents for birthdays, fathers day, Christmas, Movember and Decembeard. Although it doesn't need to be a special day to give our products as gifts. Please check our store to see more.

Production of our handmade waxes

The world famous Beard and The Wonderful mustache wax. Full of premium ingredients such as Beeswax (Cera Alba) and Mineral Oil, and it is handmade to EU specifications in our hideout in the woods.

The History of Mustache Wax
Although mustache and beard care may seem like the new buzz or latest trend, pomades for facial hair have been in use for some time and mustache wax has an interesting history. In the 19th century many men sported flamboyant and elaborate mustache styles like the handlebar. The use of a pomade or wax was required to keep the styles in place as the wearers went through an average day subjected to wind, rain, heat and cold. A good wax also creates a waterproof barrier to prevent drooping and soggy facial hair.

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