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Thai Herbal Red

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Thai Herbal Red is a South Asian, high-quality fermented tobacco with a combination of camphor of Borneo, Angelica, and red lime.

The formula from 1898; invented by Thai doctors Yanattus, and is a traditional Thai snuff that is said to soothe the nerves and calm the spirit. The purple flavour is more dry in texture than the red.


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Sky Arden
Ordered this off Amazon, along with it's purple cousin..

Hated them. This burns, kinda has a chemical smell to it... Purple one smelled like nail polish and grapes. All in all, the red took some time to get use to and appreciate. Wont order either one again, just not my kinda taste for snuff at all.

Jello Powder

Looking for an adventure well that is what is in this bottle. I have had this for about a year now. not my every day snuff I haven't found that yet. The color is a very light red, The grind is silky fine. Has a sharp short lived burn very nice. The scent is still strong. The moisture level is medium to the low side.
And let me tell you about the effects; I just guzzled down a can of mountain dew. Being hot and thirsty BIG MISTAKE my heart was betting like a race horse. Just had some of this snuff and with in minutes I feel normal. It balanced out the caffeine over load. It really works.

The scent is fruity and sweet like a packet of jello powder. I like that , It brings me back to moms kitchen when I was care free. If I was to compare this it would be like Toques cherry with a little more burn.

Quite Relaxing

VERY fruity. I don't know that I would compare it to code red, and I don't know that it has no tobacco in it either. Seems to me that it smells a lot like blue note pipe tobacco, and has a bit of a burn. I have been shoveling this by the spoonful since I got it and it will be a definite repurchase. I'm not usually a fan of fruity things, but this is good. Has a bit of moisture, and so pinches easily, but not too moist for a bullet if that's your bag. I can definitely smell it through the bottle in my pocket, and I do find it to be quite relaxing. Fives.

Sweet Fruity Scent

Cloyingly sweet and does not resemble tobacco in any way, shape or form. Like cramming a throat lozenge up ones nostril after taking a double espresso shot, it is not nice at all. I don't know what in the hell they put into this stuff, and I really do not care to know, but the effect is somewhere between valerian tea and caffeine pills. What jungle cat excreted this awful red powder ought to be put down.

Cream Soda Taste

This is an interesting snuff the smell in the tin reminds me of cream soda, you get the fermented flavors very well here with other herbal essences I have not experienced else where very exotic not perfumed though like some of the Indian snuffs, finely ground with moisture so it's clumpy, I will have to try the purple next, I would give this one a try if you are looking for a new experience.