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Viking Dark Rappee 100g

Viking Dark Rappee 100g

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Viking Dark Rappee, to those who like something a bit different, is a dark rappee snuff that is made from a high measure of dark Virginia leaf that has been especially ground and developed as a coarse flour. Presented as a dark brown formula that is moist and guaranteed to provide a noticeable rush of nicotine with little burn. The tobacco taste is a classic mix of earthy, spicy and botanical aromas that provide a soothing, mellow and persistent feel in the nose with all the ensuing pleasures. Truly a classic English rappee, well worth the essay.

Available in a convenient container size.

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Fantastic dark rappee, I prefer to the Brunswick Black Rappee

I finally decided to buy a bulk container of this because the Wilson's tins dry out so fast. This shares a similarity with other Wilson's/F&T dark snuffs, having a similar tobacco base as the Brunswick Black Rappee and Santo Domingo and Princes. This however is unscented, just a beautiful dark fired Virginia Seed. Aroma that comes through is dark, fermented, woodsy, and slightly sweet. Also has a strong aroma of tarmac and hint of leather. I also detect a slightly sweet grassy note, and there is quite a burn but the nicotine on this one is higher than most - approaching the South Africans and Indian madras in terms of potency. The only issue is if you want to use this as an all day every day snuff (like me) you're gonna have a black and runny nose, so make sure you keep some tissues close by. The burn in the nose might turn off some newer to snuff but I crave this kind of dark snuff.

Snozzle stuffer.

Easy on the burn, it starts with a fresh n yuppie like strange compost flavor, that quickly becomes a hard riden horse leather permeating blast that lingers, with slight Carmel dancing undertones. Creeping warm onrush of vitamin N that's time delayed, but rewarding n steady. Having just tried this snuff in a cold n frosty morn I have to add excellent winter snuff.


I don’t have much experience with rappees. I’ve had SG London Brown and Black Rappee. I don’t think there available any more. But I have to say Viking have done a really good job here. Viking dark rappee is dark rich salty and moist as all good rappers should be. An excellent snuff!

Dan M
Strong and Different

I ordered Dark Rappee, while looking for a coarse snuff alternative to taxi, which seems unavailable on mrsnuff at the moment. It reminds me quite a bit of taxi in the aroma (probably ammonia) from the tub. Upon snuffing i get a strong cedar like scent (not unlike a freshly sharpened pencil) and a slow but noticably strong release of nicotine. Overall, coming from fondness for course barnyard scented snuff and bargains I'm not disappointed at all! I like it a lot, and thats a good thing seeing as i have 100g worth!