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Wilsons Ani Extra 20g

Wilsons Ani Extra 20g


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Wilsons Ani Extra is perfumed with an ancient spice derived from a herbaceous annual plant known as anise. The spice being ubiquitous around the Mediterranean and flavors many foods, spirits and sweets, as well as, this fine powdered delight. The tobacco provides a nice smoky-sweet stage on which the principle actor is licorice followed closely by eucalyptus and peppery menthol. The mix is quite refreshing, relaxing and may help comport a moreish habitude. All this contained in a medium brown, medium moist, medium ground snuff that offers a moderate long lasting nicotine hit along with a refreshing and cool effect in the nose. Enjoy a pinch today!

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Wilsons Ani Extra 20g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
B. (Euless, US)

I don't know any other way to describe this. Walk into a hay barn on a cold winter morning. Pick up a bail that's been laying on the ground all summer and I to winter. That smell. The fermented earthy scent of aged straw. Then add a splash of cold crisp menthol. Definitely a reorder. Will keep this one in stock in my collection.

simon alore (Kamloops, CA)
Black Jelly Bean Snout Candy

If you enjoy aniseed/licorice flavors you may enjoy this. If you enjoy aniseed/licorice, and medicated snuff then you'll be over the moon with this offering from WoS. This snuff is medium brown, with medium moisture which allows for easy insufflation. The up front scent is heavily medicated, but quickly fades into a wonderful anise scent which lingers for an enjoyable amount of time. If you aren't one for the medicated snuff then try Ani Plus which is the same scent without any of the "extra" baggage.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Licorice Pipes & Vaporub

Ani Extra is an agreeable snuff, which starts with an initial eucalyptus burn that is followed by a gentle easing into a greasy tobacco and black licorice mix. It is a soothing evening snuff, quite enjoyable after winding down a long and arduous day. Ani Extra calls to mind licorice pipes and Vicks Vaporub, eliciting happy childhood memories of staying home from school, sick, with a contrived case of the sniffles.

An All Day Snuff

A short lived anise and moderate menthol with floral undertones which quickly surface and take over. Nicotine is mild and there is a nice woody tobacco scent that comes to the front in the finish. An all day snuff if ever there was one.

I Really Do Enjoy

I'm new to snuff and right now this is the only one I have. (I have a variety of snuffs on the way to me.) I love the smell and taste of aniseed. This snuff definitely delivers a great hit of aniseed on top of the cooling menthol which opens my sinuses right up. While I have no real basis of comparison, I must say I really do enjoy this snuff.