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Wilsons Beltane 20g

Wilsons Beltane 20g


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Wilsons of Sharrow's Beltane is a coarsely textured, dark brown in color and rather moist snuff. The nicotine hit is middle-weight but very substantial. The aroma sweet but rather complex with the added scents of blackcurrant, brandy and vanilla. The mixture is much more than the sum of its parts. There is a fine choreography of flavors that dance in the nose and make this snuff a winner. Try a tin today.

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Wilsons Beltane 20g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dave L. (Brockport, US)
Nicotine train

Beltane is a rich mix of dark tobak with scents of rum cake and bread pudding. Dark rich flavours. I agree that the natural tobak flavor is in the forefront and has a good nicotine kick - just enough for me. Not a nicotine bomb, but is one of their higher nicotine levels. I deducted a star because this 5g tin was dry, buy a 10 gram tin that should preserve the moisture a bit better. All the 5g coin tins seem to dry out quickly before being opened. I will buy this again!

texanlonesnuffer (San Marcos, US)
Interesting, odd, perhaps I got an older one.

Of all the Wilsons snuff that I've tried and loved, this is the first one that I can honestly say at first it smells like an old shoe, and then finishes into kinda something fancy, so just imagine a fancy old shoe - dry and course.

M.F. (Indianapolis, US)
A Missed Opportunity

Having previously tried Firedance from Samuel Gawith, I was excited to try Wilsons of Sharrow's take on a brandy, vanilla, and cassis scented snuff, but sadly, I could not have been more disappointed with what they managed to produce. The snuff itself was coarse, moist, dark, and clumpy. In the nose, dark, rich tobacco notes were dominant. Strong impressions of smoke, earth, peat, straw, charcoal, burnt toast, wood, leather, and cocoa were present in abundance. The additions of blackcurrant, vanilla, and brandy were minimal, amounting to little more than fleeting hints that I could barely pick up at times. The snuff also did not sit in my nose well and was irritating to take. While it did offer a relatively respectable nicotine hit, this was not a snuff that I would ever be in any rush to try again. Wilsons of Sharrow are clearly capable of producing great snuffs. I have no clue what went wrong with this one.

Dennis Garrett (Reno, US)
a chewing tobacco flavor!

Ordered this snuff from mr snuff and when I took a snuff hit it tasted like chewing tobacco and not getting much else will have to air it and wait over time and has a course chewing tobacco grind! I figured out if you dump your snuff in another can and air it the flavor changes over time! stuck my 6 photo snuff in another can and kept it in my pocket! Got real thick and a foamy thing happed to it and wow got a shaving cream amber taste out of it. Think the cans got to my concentrate flavors stuck to them. wash out a old snuff can transfer it to new can and wait for the next set of flavors to come out! so this one some tobacco flavor maybe a little wood and a chew flavor for right now!

Kegan Kilpatrick (Red Deer, CA)

Very nice moist smokey snuff that came in very fresh .kinda smells alot like WoS Africa I would say it's less coarse than Africa but still coarse ... liked the flavor and would love to see even more new ones come out