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Wilsons M Plus 500g

Wilsons M Plus 500g

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Wilsons M Plus is a fine example of a traditional medicated snuff, however not all candidates of these apothecary remedies are equal. The blend requires a selection of precisely milled aromatic tobaccos and a set of ingredients that are adjusted to offer relief to the nasal channels. This particular fusion accentuates the essential oils of mint, eucalyptus and camphor into a reliable solution as a head spinning remedy for congestion. This is a dark, medium ground crumb with medium moisture. The nose irritation is minimal and the nicotine rush is pleasant. This snuff puts a new spin on medicine and is an efficient solution for menthol withdrawal.

Available in several convenient container sizes.
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NB: The 500 g container is not in stock and is considered a special order. This will cause a short delay in delivery time. You should expect a delay between 48 hrs and 1 week.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderfully Balanced Medicated Snuff

I've tried a number of WoS medicated/mentholated snuffs to this point, and in my opinion, this is one of their best. The snuff delivers a moderate menthol sting up front, but it is easy to get used to and quickly evens out, revealing mellow camphor and eucalyptus tones as well as hints of spearmint, peppermint, straw, earth, biscuit, lemon, leather, chocolate, and toffee. The snuff features a medium grind with moderate moisture and a moderately high nicotine content. While the menthol is the dominant note here, it is not overpowering and quickly integrates itself with the other sensations this snuff offers. This is an excellent snuff overall and should be a must-try for fans of English medicated snuffs. Snap up a few tins while you can. I may be wrong, but I have heard that this snuff has either been discontinued or may be discontinued in the near future.

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Eric Perlinger
Spring Mint

After the spring thaw, I till the soil of my garden with wheelbarrow loads of fresh compost. The first herb to return after the long winter’s frost is a much-maligned patch of mint, which I roughly pluck for tea on a daily basis, until the snow covers it up again. That first spring mint always has an earthier flavour, umami-like, which slowly fades away from the leaves as the days get longer.

“M. Plus” is very similar to WoS’ “M.” and “Extra M.”, save for its slightly darker colour and its earthier mushroom flavour. Cocoa brown and fluffy in the tin, M. Plus is of medium grind and offers only the slightest of burns upon uptake. A pleasant snuff without nicotine rush, the eucalyptus and camphor are mere understudies to the mint.

More In The Future

I wanted to order Highland Ice unfortunately Mr.Snuff was sold out and I tried MPLUS and found that it was great and I will be ordering more in the future.

Wilsons M Plus 10g

Solid offering from WoS on this one. Some put it on par with Hedges, and they're right... in that you'll need to be careful not to blow your head off with it. It's icy, but in a good way. A must have for when cold season comes around.

Best On The Market

This is perhaps the best menthol snuff on the market today. It is a good kick in the seat of the pants and really wakes you up. I cannot recommend this enough. I was originally introduced to this snuff by a cigar representative. It is well worth it.