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Wilsons Spear 5g

Wilsons Spear 5g

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Wilsons Spear is a blend of Kentucky burley and  Virginia brightleaf tobaccos that create a flavorful blend worthy of notice. To this is added a spicy mixture of mentha spicata and camphor. This spearmint bomb explodes in the nose with significant burn and provides a powerful nicotine hit. This powdered pleasure comes with a light brown color, middle moisture and a fine velvety flour. A spicy treat that is well worth a try. Happy snuffing.

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Intensely Minty

Spear is Wilsons of Sharrow's take on a spearmint snuff. That is obvious from the name, but what likely sets this snuff apart from similar offerings is its intensity. Spear offers a huge, stinging blast of spearmint on each sniff. The scent is very reminiscent of Wrigley's Spearmint or Doublemint chewing gum. Some people note hints of camphor in this snuff, but I couldn't find them. Instead, I picked out hints of wintergreen. Since the top note is so dominant, it is hard to pick out many contributions from the tobaccos, but occasional hints of earth, straw, biscuit, lemon, and brown sugar do break through the wall of spearmint. The grind of this snuff is medium. Moisture level is medium. It sits in the nose very well and is easy to take. The nicotine content is quite high. While I generally prefer more complex snuffs with more balance and subtlety, I also like spearmint and had no difficulty enjoying what this snuff has to offer. It was obviously designed to be a big, bold, bombastic snuff that delivers over-the-top spearmint notes and a considerable nicotine hit. I can appreciate that. Though I would not take this one on the regular, I would still come back to it from time to time.

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Eric Perlinger
Spearmint Wino

Spear is another fine gift from our friends at Wilsons of Sharrow. This khaki brown snuff is of medium grind, high in nicotine and of medium moisture. Apparently made of Virginia tobacco, all you can taste is a furious hit of spearmint followed by notes of camphor, as it lingers. Much more intense than Crumbs-of-Comfort, there is nothing subtle about Spear. It offers a nice long burn, akin to putting toothpaste on a fever blister, but provoked no sneezes, just some tearing in the left eye. There is a little talcum, however, that clogs the nasal passages after a couple of takes. Spear is a great hangover snuff, especially after a night of drinking heavy reds and smoking pipes. It provides just enough of the hair-of-the-dog to help start the day and get you on your way.


Nice refreshing spearmint snuff - fine and moist grind. Reminds me of the green Wrigleys chewing gum.

I Enjoy It

This was worth the buy. I chew a fair bit of spearmint flavoured gum and this snuff did not dissapoint! Its long lasting and very punchy I was very pleased with this flavour upon its release! I use it every day I enjoy it that much!