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Wilsons Super M 5g Tap Tin

Wilsons Super M 5g Tap Tin


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Wilsons Super M is snuff's W.M.D (Wilsons Menthol Detonation). When confronting the routines of daily life, one must be armed with a degree of preparedness. The weapon most efficient as treatment for combating mental fatigue is a jolt of this amazingly spicy powerhouse. The formula has a solid base of fermented, fire-cured and specifically milled tobaccos that provide, upon use, a major dose of alert. The main culprit is the icy sensation of these crystalline mint oils, a.k.a menthol. Aided and abetted with the following offenders: eucalyptus, camphor and citrus oils. This reckless crew of acolytes is ready to wreak mayhem in any nose and their effect is often compared to a grenade in a tunnel with the warning, "fire in the hole". The ammunition itself is unsuspecting and comes with a plain light-brown color, the moisture is deceptively moderate and the powder is middle grind; the effects however are resounding and offer a misleading short burn that discharges a rush of endorphins that makes you salute. This is as close to ordnance English snuff can be. So, be careful!

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Wilsons Super M 5g Tap Tin
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Corey Eisenberg (Brooklyn, US)
Great Snuff

Not overpowering, good moisture. Strong menthol with not many other notes other than analogues. Some of the best packaging I've encountered. Pretty versatile, good for regular use.

Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Great Mentholated Snuff

Super M is one of the stronger mentholated snuffs in the Wilsons of Sharrow portfolio, and in my opinion, it is a winner. The snuff is of a medium grind and offers a moderate moisture content and relatively high nicotine and menthol levels. The menthol is front and center in the nose, though aromas of camphor and eucalyptus are also easy to detect. Hints of citrus and lavender lurk in the background alongside delicate earthy, chocolaty tones from the tobacco base. Great for clearing your sinuses. Just as great to take for the pleasure of it.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Shovel Worthy

There are days in the Canadian Winter where it just does not stop…snowing. Days where you must start shovelling again before you had the time to take off your boots. Those days must be faced with saintly patience and good stimulants to see you through the…work. High in both menthol and nicotine, Super M. is the kick in the back of the pants you need on such snowy…days. With a small burn and no sneeze, this light brown snuff’s menthol flavour is embellished by eucalyptus, camphor, green citrus and nitrox oxide. Not for the faint of heart, Super M. will see you through the blizzard and carry you to your overstuffed couch once the shovelling is finally…done.

M. (Maryville, US)
Not what I was expecting.

When I read citrus in a description of a nasal snuff, I automatically think "Bergamot" I could not have been more wrong. When opening the tin the menthol and lemon aroma swirls together intoxicatingly. First sniff, menthol punches resulting in cool, cold nostrils. Second sniff, menthol punch is less which allows the lemon and honey to breeze through. The scents bloom with the third sniff and it seems as though I have a "virgin" hot toddy in my nose. Lovely snuff to begin a cold morning with.

Very Pleassant

This is very similar to J&H Wilson's medicated no. 99 to my nose with a few differences: the menthol has been turned back a few notches, the lavender is stronger in the background (which however gives it a nice "soapy" finish) and the nicotine is not as strong. This is essentially a softer medicated no. 99 and is very pleasant. I really like this one and will certainly buy it again.