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Yellow Lilly Mint 20g

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Yellow Lilly Mint is a  blend that has the familiar and comforting fragrance of a well brewed cup of tea and reminiscent of a soothing evening breeze on a beach in Goa.

Yellow Lilly comes in three popular flavors.

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What a surprise.

This pale, extra fine snuff, has the essence of quality tobacco, with undertones of grain, (wheat or even bran) and a malty, almost sweet finish. It's an easy sniff, despite it's dusty appearance. I wish this was a 50g tin.

Bobby Bonnett
Buy it

This is a great all-around snuff that is smooth enough for the beginner and yet strong enough for the snuff veteran. I can't exactly pinpoint the immediate scent here, but it definitely makes you want to sniff again. The vitamin N is definitely there and makes a great morning sniff to get that nicotine rush going. It reminds me of a lot of American snuffs due to the toasted scent that resonates into pure happiness. Just buy two of these and you will not be disappointed.

Jack Hays
Nag Champa or Nah, Champ?

Bottom line: if you like Indian incense you'll love this snuff.
Added Yellow Lilly Natural & Perfumed to my last order for research purposes...and for the price, why not? I've thrown more money at a mediocre cigar than for a tin of this snuff, and I'm much more likely to find the snuff satisfying.
Broke the foil on the tin to find a fairly pale, medium moisture snuff with the fine grind that's very familiar from other Indian snuffs. I've noticed that I have zero issues with taking Englishes at this point, having gotten so used to the fine dust of so many of the Indian snuffs. No more coughing or filling my sinuses with fire, just pinch, sniff, and ah.
Scent is deeply linked to memory, and my first round with Yellow Lilly Perfumed brought me back to my late teens and early 20's, when incense was a necessary commodity to my lifestyle choices. There was a particular variety I really enjoyed - Kashmir? Maybe? - and 41 Photo has somehow made it into a snuff. There's no mistaking this for floral. It's got some of the sweet notes of a floral, but there's also a heavy, musky aspect hat stands on its own. In the tin it's almost baby-powdery but hits the nose as altogether different.
The scent was so powerful that I didn't even get to notice the nicotine on the first session, and the scent is one of the most lasting I've come across yet. Round two - in which I was prepared for the boom of perfume - revealed a solid amount of nicotine with the sort of slow burn I get from moderately alkaline snuffs.
It's a great break from menthol and eucalyptus. Not an all-day sort of snuff - the perfume is just too strong - but will probably enjoy a spot on my nightstand to serve as a last trip down memory lane before bed each night.
UPDATE: I removed a star. The scent, while good, is rather one-dimensional. Over the course of the tin it just gets boring. If I needed to break a routine built around scotches and toasts this may serve such a purpose. However there are too many other distracting scents out there.
I only took away one star because the flour is sneaky. It seems rather timid until you take one sniff too many and your eyes bulge. Walking that fine line is entertaining on its own.


I love it.

Very light floral scent that mixes well with the tobacco. Has a strong punch to it

Yellow Lily Mint (Menthol) 20g

Kind of like a menthol-y White Elephant, but milder and not overpowering in the menthol. It leaves a fresh scent in your nose, but don't sniff too hard or it'll shoot to your throat, which isn't so nice. I've had a tin of this for a while, and I don't use it often, but, it's still a nice snuff that anyone who likes Indian while-types should try. Also, it's very modestly priced, which is a plus if you worry about spending too much money on your habit!