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I received 100 grams today and just ordered 500 more grams before it goes out of stock. The strong aroma stays a long time and the nicotine is very adequate.

Not impressed

Wasn’t impressed at all. Scent not great, then turns a bit foul. I like other Indian snuffs I’ve tried, green dragon is amazing and so is French Riviera from 6photo


Love this stuff. The werid but strange spicy clove after taste is very appealing to me. It numbs the gums and throat slightly amd eases gum troubles. The after taste, is after a deep clean brushing. Then I clean my teeth again after with organic toothpaste to wash any remains of snuff out my mouth and tongue. I've never had fresher breath and clean feeling gums. This is not a oral product and I'm not doctor. Just how I used it and my review.

Very good snuff

out of this world

delicious, muted natural mint oil, pleasant burn. I've gone from the zyn 6mg to these and strengthwise it is a lateral move. Will purchase as long as they are being sold.

Krishan Sudama 50g
Original Mandingo
Krishan Sudama Tapkir 8g

I managed to try this from the 6photo assorted pack. This to me is like straight up toothpaste, The worst of the 6Photo snuffs I have tried. I will probably bin this one to be honest. One to stop producing and concentrate on the better ones. The price is super cheap to try so you won't have wasted to much money on this stuff.

Dholakia Rose 9g
kim humphries
What a beautiful snuff.

It hits the nicotine spot but also has the most beautiful scent of rose that stays with you for a long while after. Especially if you are outside in the air.
Love it!

SNUV, Reaper 10g
Fabien Monnier

the tobacco didn't arrive yet what should i do?

Awesome First Product

Came across this website out of curiosity of what snuff is. Ordered a couple popular packs, not having any idea of what I was looking for. (Didn't read descriptions either) Very surprised with this product, great menthol-cooling feel, nice and refreshing. Will be purchasing more in the future.


It smells like one of those cheap josticks you smell on the Sunday market, sold by the crazy lady who believes in the healing properties of crystals, mixed with that scented hand sanitiser that was around during lockdown. I do not like it one bit, and after a small bump, the smell won't leave.

Really nice snuff

The Navigator evokes the comforting essence of a campfire, offering a smoky aroma without the sharp, pungent undertones typically associated with smoke. It brings to mind the scent of a charred marshmallow, minus the sweetness. The overall experience is incredibly pleasant, complemented by a satisfying kick!

Viking (ISS) Menthol 100g
Murray McIntyre
Viking menthol snuff

Very strong

Best lemon snuff

This is the best lemon snuff I've tried. It's not just basic lemon, but the fancy expensive lemon you buy in Marks and Spencer or Waitrose (bougie shops).

I have bought these before

This was for my dad who has only just got into snuffs. I have tried them all and all are very pleasant. Very good value and great shipping.


potent but not to harsh

Too Good!

Packard's Club Snuff is so good that it is sold out most of the time!
Ordering from Canada I always order at least 50 jars to make sure I don't run out.
I ran out at least 4 times in the last 10 years. Maybe MR snuff can improve their supply restocking procedures for this fantastic product.

Bad connection

I paid 13.40 dollars and got nothing. They told me. By returning the payment once. And I have a bank directory. I have. I take money from me and I don't know who to talk to

Viking Dark 20g
Robert Pimbley
Viking black

A dark musky snuff I prefer the brown Robert

6 Photo Assorted 8g
Original Mandingo
6 Photo Assorted 8g

A good selection of snuffs to try. Just wished it had a few others they do in here. Overall quite happy with selection Included. There are 11 that are 8g and 4 that are 6g

Perfect chocolate

The delicious chocolate was so delicious that I almost burst my nose while putting a handful in it

6 Photo M.G. Madras 100g
Original Mandingo
6 Photo M.G. Madras 100g

6Photo created a gem here. Lovely snuff one of my favourite snuffs. Packed well no splitting tins. Definitely be buying more of this in the future for sure after I'm done with the 400g I got. Just wished I'd have bought more 🤣 it's a solid 10 outta 10 from me. Lovely snuff

Gold Rush (Filter Tabaq) 5g

Rabs Snuff

Excelle 😎


Great product

Uncertain at first, this snuff grew on me

When I first tried this snuff, I was uncertain about how much I liked it. However, it has grown on me. My favourite snuffs (at present) are Gawiths Apricot and Gawiths Celtic Talisman. The Apricot packs a fair punch along with the delicate Apricot flavour, with the Celtic Talisman being slightly more mellow on the nose. The silky dark is a different experience. Woody notes with a smoked aftertaste. Smooth and easy on the nose. I enjoy this snuff towards the end of the day, when sat reading a good book, or in quiet contemplative moments. Another quality snuff from Samuel Gawith and Mr Snuff.