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Mullins and Westley Black Rappee 20g

Mullins and Westley Black Rappee 20g

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Mullins and Westley Black Rappee is a highly traditional and crafted blend of dark fire-cured tobacco, with strong earthy, smoky, notes and is quite coarse. The recipe itself is based on a London best-loved recipe that is over 300 years of age. A more historical based product with a stronger tobacco earthiness that's significantly balanced in terms of the flavoring and sensation. A long lasting and enjoyable sensation from an old favorite.

Available in a convenient 20 gram container.
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Customer Reviews

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Michael Corsale
Black Gold

This stuff is everything I want snuff to be, earthy, Peaty, Smokey & takes me immediately into a bygone era, my ancestors communing with the forest as they sit around the fire contemplating their place in nature. A course, damp grind that sits nicely in the nose for hours if you let it. With a good nicotine wallop. I tend to do this one last thing at night and do as much of it as I can fit up my hooter for said experience. This snuff is my meditation, my ritual, nay… my prayer. God bless the black rappee & its makers, Amen.

Legacy in a Tin: Mullins & Westley's Robust and Authentic Black Rappee 20g

Mullins & Westley's Black Rappee 20g is a tribute to centuries-old traditions, offering a robust, layered scent that evolves from mild to a deep, complex aroma. With its rich, dark, earthy punch and high nicotine content, it's a standout choice for snuff enthusiasts, delivering a flavorful and authentic experience reminiscent of a cherished, 300-year-old London recipe.


This snuff started off very mild in my nose and initially seemed a bit disappointing, but then it lingered and the layers of rich scent built up. An excellent rich snuff with a great Latika scent involved - I will be enjoying this for a long while. Well worth it!

Aussie Dave
An Earthy Wollop

Mullins & Westley Black Rappee is dark rich snuff that delivers a power earthy wolop! The nicotine is high in this one and rolls over you once sniffed. Not much more I can say other then, this is good down to earth snuff for experienced snuffers. Highly recommend.

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Eric Perlinger
Grace Jones

If you pop a tin of Black Rappee and take the time to admire its pulverized content under direct light, you will notice a certain twinkling buried deep within the black tobacco. Delightful like finding a handful diamonds in a spade of freshly turned earth, what Lucifer reveals is salt from the fire cured brine in which the tobacco is fermented. Rappee (râpé) refers to the Paris method of grating rope tobacco into a course grind suitable for nasal enjoyment. Mullins & Westley’s sour brine Black Rappee presents a burn upon uptake that reveals a high dose of nicotine released from the depths of its peaty moisture. Without perfume or artifice, this snuff tastes like the rich black soil of an Antillean plantation after a tropical storm. All that remains after dissipation is a pleasant salt drip to the back of throat, which companions well contemplative spirits such as barrel aged cane brandies.