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Wilsons SM Gold 10g

Wilsons SM Gold 10g


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Wilsons SM Gold is one of a series of four offerings based on different degrees of medication added to quality fermented tobaccos that emulate a traditional Sales and Pollard composition. These aromatic cultivars are then treated to certain classic scents that are identified by overtones of bergamot, orange blossom and the bitter savor of blood orange zest. There is also a special mix of menthol, eucalyptus and camphor present in different proportions in each version. This quartet of tinned pleasure represents varied measures of spice and nicotine that are unique to each blend. The color is cacao powder brown, medium moisture and a medium coarse grind; qualifiers shared by all. Try them all and find the one for you. Happy snuffing.

This particular iteration is formulated with a medium nicotine content and medium menthol.

Available in several convenient container sizes.
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Wilsons SM Gold 10g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Matthew Francis (Blue River, US)
More or Less Perfect Medicated Snuff

SM Gold is one of a surprising number of medicated snuffs offered by Wilsons of Sharrow, and like all of the others that I have tried to this point, it is a keeper. A medium menthol, medium nicotine snuff with moderate moisture content, SM Gold delivers a wonderfully balanced blast of camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus supported by delicate hints of lemon, bergamot, toast, earth, straw, and biscuit. The grind is finer than that of the other Sharrow medicated snuffs I have tried, so a little care is necessary when tooting it. If you go at it too hard, it will end up flying down the back of your throat, and that is not a pleasant experience! Anyway, this is a wonderful medicated snuff. Once I adjusted my approach to taking it, I found that I could toot it all day with no difficulty. Definitely consider checking it out if you are looking for a balanced and sophisticated medicated snuff with enough depth and complexity to satisfy.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Medicated Baseline

S M Gold is a great example of what a prototypical medicated snuff should be. It is the Platonian form from which all other medicated snuff aught to be judged. S M Gold consists of four base ingredients: burley tobacco, menthol, camphor and eucalyptus, mixed in the right proportions to clear the sinuses and sharpen olfaction. Medium across the board, S M Gold forms the baseline to which all medicated snuffs can be compared or calibrated. Some snuffs will be better, many will be worse; these are all matters of taste. But when one asks what medicated snuffs are like, Sharrow Medicated Gold defines the genre to perfection.

My Gold Standard

I have been using this particular snuff for a long time, great menthol, easy on the nose, not a strong nic punch.

Ian (Salt Lake City, US)

Great snuff. Definitely worth a try especially if you are into metholated snuffs. If you are ever clogged up in the nose this will sort you out fast.

S.P Best's more fragrant bother.

This snuff kickass! With a beautiful shortlisted flavor's blend. It's like S.P Best on steroids! Do try it or you may miss what you were put on this planet to experience.