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Wilsons Jockey Club 500g

Wilsons Jockey Club 500g


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Wilsons Jockey Club is a faithful reproduction of the scent needed to overcome a horse stall on the heath of Newmarket circa 1750. A gentleman's association whose members share the passions of equine sport racing as well as the popular habitude of snuff-taking. A gentleman would use a tobacco powder to mask any unpleasant odors one might encounter around the track and clubhouse. The solution was to envelope the tobacco with a heavy floral bouquet accompanied by musky juniper and soapy perfumed aromas. This astute remedy is light colored with a medium coarse grind and medium moisture. There is a mild burn when sniffed but quickly dissipates and is immediately replaced with a fragrance induced hit of nicotine that is notable. This snuff is often picked to win, place and show.

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Wilsons Jockey Club 500g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matthew Francis
Challenging & Complex

Jockey Club is one of Wilsons of Sharrow's classic snuffs. Several stories about its origin are floating around out there. I have seen some claim that the snuff was designed for equestrian clubs and was strongly perfumed to mask the unpleasant scents of the stables. Others claim that the classic Jockey Club cologne, designed as a sporting cologne and intended to mimic the scent of the bouquet given to the winner of a horse race, was merely used to perfume this snuff. Whatever the case may be, this is a highly unique nasal snuff. The snuff itself is heavily perfumed, offering delightful top notes of bergamot, lemon, geranium, sweet cream, musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and ylang-ylang. It may have just been me, but I also picked up on some hints of lavender. Contributions from the base tobacco(s) are much subtler, amounting to little more than faint earthy, dusty, leathery hints in the background. The nicotine content is fairly high. The grind is medium-fine. Moisture content is likely best described as being somewhere between low and medium. If taking this snuff out of a tap tin, do not be surprised if it strikes you as being a little drier and finer than one would expect. Overall, this is a very pleasant and rewarding snuff, but it is fairly strong, somewhat dusty, and very heavily perfumed. There is a lot going on in it, and it requires patience and close attention to the sensations it offers to fully appreciate. Though a very good product, calling this snuff an acquired taste is likely appropriate, and I feel that it is probably not an ideal snuff for beginners.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Tatiana Romanova

Jockey Club has nothing to do with horses or the men who race them. Named for a Day Lily this floral snuff is high in nicotine, relatively moist and of slightly coarse grind. Floral without tasting like perfume, it offers-up a short burn upon uptake that does not linger. Somewhat feminine, it tastes like a Cosmopolitan. Seductive, Jockey Club is perfectly matched to syrupy vodka shots, straight from the freezer, and caviar blinis. I fantasize of Tatiana Romanova, languishing on the bed of her Orient Express first-class compartment, with a tin deeply hidden in the pocket of her fur coat, neatly tucked next to her service revolver.

New Favorite

Awesome snuff! Perhaps my new favorite. I'm not generally a fan of your usual men's colognes but this snuff faintly reminded me of a cologne that I cant remember exactly which. But i was a big fan of F&T's Morlaix and there was a floral scent in that which reminded me of the floral hint in this Jockey Club. A little citrusy thing goin on. Maybe bergamot? Or something like it with a mildly spicy tang? I often do snuff when working on farms whilst shoveling, uh, crap (to put it as bluntly as a New Englander might) as I get a nic hit and cover up less seemly smells. Well, this one I instead liked to take with me for my town runs as it gave me a kinda noble social feeling. I like a lil burn in most my snuffs and this has a good amount. I like making personal blends but have yet to with this, though I think it'll mix well. Maybe, with some willie Pete's when I want an extra jolt.

Good stuff! Highly recommended.

Wilsons Jockey Club 10g

I received this as part of an assortment. Not wishing to ruin the first snuff, I decided to not read any descriptions or reviews. Wow. First impression was someone had rammed a spray bottle of perfume up my nose and doused it thoroughly! I took several more pinches over the next few days to give it a fair chance. No luck there. After I checked the official Wilson's of Sharrow web site , I discovered that it is what I thought: a snuff scented with a perfume! Not for me! Still, I'm glad I had a chance to try it and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes heavy perfume.

Wilsons Jockey Club 25g

Wilson's of Sharrow's Jockey Club is yet another excellent snuff from the Sharrow collection, and for me you could easily attribute it to a time and place. I imagine walking through an infield of a horce race track, or perhaps a stroll through a meadow or a garden, and taking a small pinch of this wonderful snuff. I stress the word "small" because the snuff is quite powerful - it definitely has a large soapy, cedary base to it which I find rather pleasant, albeit snuffing too much of this fine, dry, and sand/tan coloured snuff can lead to a throat burn for the unaccustomed. This snuff is definitely worth a shot if you are looking for something outside of menthol, fruit, or heavy flower oil-based products.