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Wilsons Ripple 10g

Wilsons Ripple 10g


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Wilsons Ripple is a fruity festival of rubus idaeus for the nose. These scarlet berries benefit from a traditional popularity due to their availability and singular flavor. This omnipresent flavoring has now partnered with a fully fermented aromatic tobacco powder, to produce this original offering. In the nose, the raspberry seems to take the lead, quickly followed by the classically refreshing zest of menthol that eventually secedes to a ripe, tart and fruity bouquet with just enough left to sweeten the pinch. The powder is middle brown with a medium grind and moderate moisture which combine to deliver a nice nicotine kick with little burn. This is a win-win, no pain with big gain. Try a pinch and see.

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Wilsons Ripple 10g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Overpowering Menthol

Wilsons of Sharrow's Ripple is a heavily mentholated raspberry snuff, so one should not try it expecting it to be a straightforward fruit snuff. Instead, expect a snuff with a more or less medium grind and moderate moisture and nicotine contents that delivers a blast of sharp, stinging menthol backed by a comparatively subtle red raspberry presence. I am fairly certain that eucalyptus and camphor are included in the mix as well. Contributions from the tobacco base are minimal, amounting to little more than subtle scents of dark chocolate, leather, biscuit, and earth that are at their most noticeable on the back end. Though Wilsons of Sharrow indicates that this snuff's level of mentholation is medium, assigning it a score of 3 out of 5, that does not strike me as being accurate. I would give it a solid 4, maybe just over or just under depending on the pinch. Anyway, this snuff is decent enough for what it is, but I find it to be a bit much for my liking. In my opinion, a mellower, more restrained menthol presence and a stronger raspberry scent would make this snuff more enjoyable.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
On a Winter's Day

After twisting open the tin, Ripple offers-up aromas of wet leaves mixed with menthol. Rusty red and of medium grind, uptake provides for a mild menthol burn that provokes no sneezes. As the burn dissipates, the camphor and raspberry become discernible and interplay nicely with the mint. Nicotine levels are medium to low. Similar in construction to other menthol and fruit mixes, such as apricot, this raspberry incarnation does not seem to have added sugar or talcum to clog-up the sinuses. Its cooling sensation widens the eyes and sharpens the senses, helping supply an extra spring in one’s steps. Like a loyal gun dog, Ripple provides perfect accompaniment to an upland walk on a cold winter’s day.

Menthol Then Raspberry

I don't know what they're talking about when they say raspberry there's like a very faint raspberry somewhat scent hidden in there but mostly with this is it's like this you take a pinch you snuff it and then your head gets blown off by eucalyptus and mega mentholated essential oils I mean this stuff is heavily mentholated like really mentholated it's okay but it's not what I was expecting at all it has a sweetness to it once you get past all the overpowering mentholated I can't feel my nose and it's been like 8 minutes since I snuffed it if you're a mentholated snuff fan then definitely try this I like Mentholated snuff myself so I'm not going to hate on this stuff but I'm not going to praise it either it definitely doesn't leave you Hangin let's put it that way!

Marc Thomas Hertlein (Houston, US)
WoS Ripple - A perfect refresher

After removing the wrapper and taking it right away it will be kind of harsh on the menthol. So give it time to breath. I would recommend to leave it for two weeks taking a pinch every other day to season the nose. Then it is just a joy to take. Still strong on the menthol, but not as powerful. The tobacco is dark brown with good moisture and easy to take. The raspberry aroma is there from the beginning. Not too sweet or artificial. Very nice. I also like the tobacco note with this one.

My Girl Friend Loves This

Well, I learned my lesson with this one...Read reviews! Lol. Its listed as non-menthol but actually has quite a lot of menthol in it. Very similar if not more minty than silver dollar.

I found out that I really dont care much for menthol anything. Besides toothpaste. However, I still gave it 5 stars. This is because my girlfriend enjoys it thoroughly, so I gave it to her. She likes it and mixes it with all sorts of other fruity minty stuff. So anything that helps keep her from stinking my house up with cigarettes deserves a good rating.