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Wilsons Royal George 5g Tap Tin

Wilsons Royal George 5g Tap Tin


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Wilsons Royal George is a celebration of the 18th century English ascension as dominant power in Europe and this under the reign of the third instance of his namesake, lent to this memorable powdered delight. This snuff attempts to capture the essential character of the Georgian Empire. There is a definite perfumed eloquence that commemorates the Vauxhall Pleasure Garden in May, followed by the aromas of the Belvedere Tea Gardens. This bouquet is then placed on top of carefully cured cultivars of the finest aromatic and Virginia tobaccos. The color is a middle brown with moderate moisture and a medium grind that offer a mild irritation in the nose and recompense is a major wallop of vitamin N. Sweet and easy evasion any time of day. Happy snuffing.

Available in several convenient container sizes.
Also get a discount when you buy a box.

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Wilsons Royal George 5g Tap Tin
Wilsons Royal George 5g Tap TinWILS230
Wilsons Royal George 5g Tap TinWILS230
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kiefy (Orlando, US)
Really nice!

Very complex, supposedly it uses 9 different flavoring oils. I really like it, not much of a burn and the nic hit is pretty good. Definitely smell the violet and vanillin. There's someone in there that I can't put my finger on that is delicious. Kind of like a sweet tea?

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Mike (Montreal, CA)
A Perfumed Winner

This is one of the most complex and multi-layered snuffs I've ever tried. I'm generally more of a fan of stronger snuffs, but this one really won me over. The perfume is extremely delicate and high-quality, like something released by Chanel. Sweet, mild, but with a surprisingly strong nicotine kick, the Royal George really begs to be savoured.

texanlonesnuffer (San Marcos, US)
You gotta try this one!

Imagine being hit right across the face by a baseball bat made from exotic perfumes and flowers from across the world. It's like the everlasting gobstopper its always changing flavors and you go through the tin and it dries out.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Turkish Delight

Before trying it for review, I must admit that I had a slight prejudice against Royal George because I fancy myself less of a fan of delicately flavoured snuffs. Upon opening the tin, however, the milk-chocolate brown snuff triggered fond memories of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar with flashes of sweet tea, water pipes and Turkish delights recalling a labyrinth of pleasures once had in that venerable institution. Very floral, Royal George has a mild burn that mellows into a willingness to please that borders on obsequiousness, yet carries a punch, which reminds you that all is not as it seems. Like Signor Ferrari in Casablanca, it has a very pleasant smile but rather sharp teeth. High in nicotine, of medium grind and of medium moisture, Royal George is a victory over those who view civility as a sign of weakness.

Dennis Garrett (Reno, US)
horny bunnys sangria

I was impressed with this snuff smell of flavor is horny bunnys 6 foot tall blonde webcam model team. (on chaturbate) sangria grape drink beverage and baby powder! Since I was seven year old boy keep running into these two super model blonde women in their 20s that never get old because they have some hollywood look alike agency supplying them! so I was watching them on chaturbate and got the snuff today and thats what it smelled like these two blonde women in there 20s and a grape beverage drink and baby powder it is great! and in my mid twenties one of them was in a microwavegun earthquake and fire attack together where the government wiped out the house owners on a fancy hill top neighbor hood and we both survived!