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Odens Pure Wintergreen Extreme White Dry

Snuff NTSU

Good condition 👏🏿 👌

Taxi red snuff

Here in south africa under ground miners use taxi red as a dip one cap of brandy in it let it dry and put inside bottom lip good buzz

Top notch

Of all the snuff I've tried this has been my favorite. I'm not sure about the description being accurate, I think it has a slight citrus in there, but regardless it's my go to more than any other.

Snuffhouse SnuffBox Black
Justo Becerro Cañas
I don’t know

I haven’t received this item yet !


I am werry happy. From few months i am tasting all bernard's snyff and they are best in whole world.

my new favorite ??

OK, I admit I am a fickle man when it comes to snuff. In love with a snuff for a while and then not so much. I don't know how this will play out long term but actually I do since Bernard is closed. That said, this Charivari is a terrific concoction. First sniff and the menthol hit me and I thought, "Another menthol snuff" then the cherries kicked in ever so slightly and stayed right there. There's more complexity than this but I will say this is another terrific snuff from Bernard. I got 2 and should have got more but we'll be saying that about Bernard for years I'm afraid.


This snuff is a lot stouter than the description suggests. I love it best Vitamin N I have tried so far

Chetak Chhap Chew 20g
farid boutiba

It is good, thank you.

Grand ciro

A nice approachable snuff with a citrus lemon hit followed by lovley earthy notes of fallen woodland leaves in the autumn. Certainly goes well with a bottle of red wine on an evening.

What you need

Fluffy moist a true tobacco flavor new to snuff not tobacco this is what ive been wanting out of nasal snuff fast delivery to the US very happy with all the products ive received this is a must try thx

A fine snuff

I found a container of Gawiths Apricot suuff my [late] father gave meany years ago. It reignited many pleasant memories, and I was very happy when I discharged Mr Snuff stocked it.
Mr Snuff is now my go - to vendor for all my snuff requirements. The service is excellent, and the product range is superb. I have recommended Mr Snuff to friends and family...although most don't share my appreciation of a pinch of fine snuff. I find it to be most efficacious.
Keep up the good work.



Great shop!

Samuel Haworth sym (menthol)

Very good quality for the price low menthol, and come in different package then the picture but overall good :)


When they say “Strong”, they mean it!! This is great, I’m really enjoying this, it only takes a small pinch. One of the best I’ve had so far!!

Janta Assorted Heritage pack

Wilsons Wall 20g
jason dillon
one of the best

I ordered a few snuffs from Mr Snuff, and it arrived in two days. I got what I paid for promptly. i will definitely be ordering again

More menthol than fruit, still satisfying

I love raspberry, but even though I usually prefer less menthol this actually is quite nice. It goes from a tart raspberry note to menthol and then hangs there for awhile before letting the raspberry notes peak through from time to time. Finishes as a mingling of raspberry and leaf. Seems like less menthol burn than the "Cheer-Ye".

It’s good.

I get the berry, and the frost (menthol), but I get this underlying something that’s off. I’m not really sure what it is, but still very enjoyable. It’s a very fine grind that goes everywhere, it’s hard not to end up with it in the back of your throat. Still pretty great product.

Green Dragon

It's lovely super fabulas 🤩

Too Subtle For My Liking, Good For Beginners I Suppose

As other reviewers have said, the grind and moisture is great, except it's very non confrontational on the menthol and pine. Actually right on the inhale, you get the earthy tobacco upfront more so than the pine or menthol. The scent definitely lingers around, Nicotine wise, I think it's on the lower side as well. It's very hard to beat Bernard's Original.

I think if someone is sensitive to menthols, and they want to like menthols, give this a gander.

Best snuff in world.

Still have not received my order

Siberia All White Portion

Extremely strong ! I could only manage a portion for a few minutes before having to remove it and recover, until trying again. I did not find it enjoyable, and ended up admitting defeat and binned it. I prefer the high strength Nordic Spirit range.

BUCCANEER 30g - Simply Snuff
Precious Nyadongo
I have not received my order tiil now

I haven't received my order and im failing to track it seeing as I wasn't given a tracking number