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6 Photo Cheeta 6g

6 Photo Cheeta 6g

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This is perhaps the most straight forward snuff experience from 6 Photo. This powder is pale in color but not in effect. This is a dry and compact snuff absent of all flavor except tobacco. It is difficult to take because the inhalation must be precise and controlled or mayhem occurs as eyes water, sinus burns and sneezing ensues. This is a powerful concoction and must be treated as such. The sniff is followed by an enormous nicotine rush that compensated for any discomfort. You have been warned.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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It's alright

One of my least favorite of the strong, dry snuffs. Great nic hit of course, but scent could be better.

Kevin Cutler
Light fine and very much a Center between white horse and white Elephant. !

More flavour than white horse but less burn than white elephant! I’m impressed and would definitely recommend to others that like either white horse or white elephant

Beware: Very fine, almost dusty

I really wanted to like this because the reviews said it had a hard nicotine hit. You have to be able to handle the almost dry, powdery texture. I tried it a couple of times with very, very small pinches and, for me, it is like choking on chalk dust. It smells fine and I could sort of feel the nicotine between coughs. I am still a new snuff user and this is my first Indian snuff so maybe I just don't know how to take super powdery snuffs. Be careful.

The salt of the earth

Mine has a feeling of pride attached to it; lots of nicotine salt, your the salt of the earth cheeta snuff.

Excellent snuff

I was on the fence about this snuff when I first tried it but it has quickly became my number one all day snuff. Very dry very fine powder. The burn is very satisfying and the vitamin N hit is perfect. I can’t figure the scent out but it grows on ya. I definitely will be stocking up on this snuff!