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6 Photo Fire and Ice 50g

6 Photo Fire and Ice 50g

Lachhman Dass

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Fire and Ice from 6 Photo snuff has developed a long awaited response to Makla type snuffs at a truly affordable price. The flavor is inherited from a traditional Indian process that out performs all other emulators. A fiery tobacco blend partnered with the coolness of menthol crystals helps create the perfect balance of Fire and Ice. In addition, this snuff delivers a whopping nicotine clout via a moist, fermented tobacco base that is enhanced with a spicy twist. Be sure to try some soon.

Available in a convenient container size.

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6 Photo Fire and Ice 50g
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6 Photo Fire and Ice 50g6PH066
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
g.m. (Edinburgh, GB)
Coming From a sceptic.

Everything about this product is intimidating however I found this advice online in a forum about 6 photo. when you get this product do not bother smelling it, the ammonia coming off of it will put you right off as it did me. Instead open the container and leaver it open and out for at least a day as this will allow the natural smell of ammonia, from the fermentation process, to evaporate, and you will be left with a very nice smelling product, The product has stems in it that I would recommend picking out which is not a hard job and when pinching, unless you are used to nicotine then keep them small.
As for the taste, I get a minty chocolate with a slight pepperish taste which may sound strange but is actually really unique and works well with the tobacco flavour.
The nicotine is quite wild on this, I may have made a rather large prilla but within 5-8 minutes I felt like I could run a marathon. Reading a lot about gum damage but so far, no worse than strong snus. At this price I would recommend this in the EU wanting to satisfy the dip crave for a lower price.
Edit: left this review for ten minutes and be careful with the nicotine, not sure how they do it but its a fast delivery.

Matthew Baxter (Elgin, GB)
My go-to oral tobacco product

I honestly love this product. It's one I'm rarely without. It's refreshing, potent and easy to use. And absolutely the best value for money oral tobacco product out there in comparison to snus and pods. Definitely the biggest bang for buck, as all the 6 photo oral offerings tend to be.
Moisure levels can vary between batches but if it's too dry just add a couple drops of water and mix it up or if it's too wet leave in the fridge overnight with the lid off. Generally tho it's always good straight from the can.
Please never stop stocking this product Mr Snuff!

robert bryan (Jacksonville, US)
Crazy wet

This came to me as wet as mud, Reminds me of soft brownies. No way I'm trying this; it would be like sniffing peanut butter. the can was kind of crushed so maybe it picked up moisture that way.

This is a makla product like loose snus and is intended to be placed in your mouth, upper lip. Please don't put it up your nose.

Kris (Houston, US)
Very sweet and off putting

I quite like it but the sweetness does bother me but it has a great kick, hard to use like most maklas, as well as burns the crap out of my gums.

William Davis (Brookings, US)
Spoiled snuff

Was really looking forward to this tin but received and was sopping wet smells foulish still want to try never received a refund either I've addressed this and still need resolved