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Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich 10g
Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich 10g

Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich 10g

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Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich is best known as German unadorned tobacco that originates back to 1860. This product, in particular, includes an enjoyable and long-lasting scent. Some value this product to have an unusual but effective blend of iron sulfate III and tannin. However, you should anticipate a good nicotine punch, all from the medium grind and low moisture. Guaranteed to provide you with the response that you demand.

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Im not sure what it is about this but this is my favorite snuff. I tried plenty of snuffs and most Bernard snuffs and this one right here is just so rustic and relaxing. That old book smell just hits you with nostalgia and it just connects the past to the present. As soon as this snuff is in stock ; you better believe i’m going to buy a bunch!

Ben F.
Variety is Spice of Life

Very good very good yay! Lighter color and fairly dry, which wasn't too bad really. I did moisten it up by putting it in a cigar box with a piece of fresh Apple. And then it stayed moist like that and color darkened and it became coarser. But I have the feeling maybe it's supposed to be dry like it was. I think I noticed more flavor, definitely a bit more burn. So, i guess that's an option if you get one dry and you don't like that. Has a scent that reminds me of the woods, but almost like sand too. Like a patch of the woods next to the beach or the sandy piney forests you find in Florida. Hard to describe but it's unique. Kind of a dusty scent but first thing that came to my mind especially when it was dry was sand. There is also a spicy scent in there too. Not sure what it is but it's pleasant, so it doesn't just smell dusty or sandy :)

Recommended for those who like more natural scents that aren't too overwhelming.

Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich 10g

This is a very unusual snuff which is relatively coarse. It is scented with an even more unusual mixture, iron sulfate III and tannin, which makes it smell like an old bookshop! This, so far, has been the driest bernard I have tried. It however, has no burn, and a good nicotine punch. This scent might not please everyone, but I really enjoy it. Reminds me of leather, dry leaves, and oak beams.

Bernard Alt Offenbacher Kostlich 10g

Regular brown in color fine to medium grind and a low moisture content. I may had got a stale one. not heavy on any scent but I can tell it is fire cured tobacco with some virginias in it for sweetness. I say this is a nautural tobacco,no nose burn to speak of.

I find this to be a very boring snuff. Easy to use with medium nicotine.Beginner friendly.