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Bernard Charivari 10g

Bernard Charivari 10g


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A popular smokeless nasal snuff with a mildly mentholated flavor and notes of fruity, spicy, and spirits. Made from a blend of German, Polish, and Russian tobacco, it has a medium brown color and medium coarse grind. With high nicotine and beginner-friendly ease of use, it's a must-try for snuff enthusiasts.

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Bernard Charivari 10g
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Bernard Charivari 10gBER467
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Customer Reviews

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Matt Guss (Tacoma, US)
my new favorite ??

OK, I admit I am a fickle man when it comes to snuff. In love with a snuff for a while and then not so much. I don't know how this will play out long term but actually I do since Bernard is closed. That said, this Charivari is a terrific concoction. First sniff and the menthol hit me and I thought, "Another menthol snuff" then the cherries kicked in ever so slightly and stayed right there. There's more complexity than this but I will say this is another terrific snuff from Bernard. I got 2 and should have got more but we'll be saying that about Bernard for years I'm afraid.

Pawel Skiba (Islington, GB)

Best snuff in world.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Die Krüge Hoch!

A mock serenade by joyous people, a Charivari is also a drinking song performed by drunks. If ever you have the privilege of attending Oktoberfest or visiting one of Munich’s many beer halls, you will quickly get acquainted with both Oompah music and the drinking anthem: Ein Prosit. Once over-bloated on Bier, festivities are prolonged though the transition to Kirshwasser, a clear spiritus made from double distilled Morello or sour cherries. Kirshwasser is the fuel of choice to most fire breathing dragons and is an aggravating factor in many bad decisions. Bernard’s “Charivari” is a fermented snuff flavoured with Kirshwasser. It tastes of sour cherries, nuts and lilies. It is wonderful when drinking…heavily. With no burn to speak of, this spiritus snuff clears the sinuses and accelerates the air we breath. High in nicotine, it packs the punch of an ornery mule. Well and worthily recommended, “Charivari” is one of the few known antidotes to heavy Bavarian fare.

Jeff Haase
Fruity surprise

A healthy dose of Vitamin N course grind but the flavours stand out well. Highly recommended


As I try more Bernards, Charivari caught my attention, it struck me as humorous that they put a lederhosened crotch on the label to be honest.
This is one of three snuffs of the fruit + menthol type that I have tried, and by far my favorite. The others are Poschl Gawith Original and Bernard Zweifacher.
I was mistaken in thinking this was a Schmalzler because the texture is far more similar to Poschl than to Zweifacher. The color is similar too.
I find that the level of menthol is the mildest of the three, which I like; it is there but it enhances rather than dominates.
The cherry flavor is very good and in the middle of these as far as fruit goes: in the Gawith Original it is very faint and hard to tell that it is apricot rather than just "fruit" and in Zweifacher it is very prominent despite the menthol bomb. I think it is well balanced and recognizeable as cherry. There is also a mild "Bernard flavor" to it with the figggy, chocolate taste that shows up at the back as the other flavors recede.
It has a very nice lingering scent that lasts a long time and to me recalls a the scent of a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.
Very nice. Not an all the time snuff because I consider it a desert or a morning wake up snuff, also great for an occasional change from other more savory or plain tobacco flavors. This is mostly how I consider all menthol snuffs.

Highly recommended.